Customized Brewhouse for the Growing Craft Brewery COMPACT-STAR™ Craft Brewhouse

For medium-sized and specialty breweries with a cast-out quantity from 40 to 115 hl (35 to 100 U.S. bbl)

With the COMPACT-STAR™, a flexible Huppmann brewhouse line based on self-developed solutions - with modular design and synergy effects - GEA offers excellent brewhouse technology to medium-sized and specialty breweries on favorable terms.

Individual and efficient

The importance of medium-sized and specialty breweries is growing steadily and thus also their technical and technological demands on production equipment. Since 1874, GEA has been manufacturing high-quality brewhouse equipment for facilities all over the world and is one of the leading suppliers of process technology for the brewing industry.

With the innovative development of the COMPACT-STAR™ brewhouse concept the GEA engineers meet the increased requirements of medium-sized breweries with their great variety of beers and the challenge of developing a customized brewhouse by taking into account the key factors flexibility, versatility, efficiency, sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

The COMPACT-STAR™ program includes brewhouses with cast-out quantities from 35 to 85 bbl (40 to 115 hl) for capacities up to 250,000 bbl/year (300,000 hl/year). Depending on the equipment and vessel configuration, up to 12 brews per day are possible. These possible combinations allow a very wide range of annual production capacities and thus meet the requirements of specialty and medium-sized breweries.

For increasing requirements

The basic configuration of the COMPACT-STAR™ with mash tun, lauter tun and Whirlpool/wort kettle is already designed for up to 5 brews per day. With the wort pre-run tank as buffer tank for the lauter wort, it is possible to produce up to 7 brews per day. If a wort kettle plus separate Whirlpool is used instead of the combined vessel of the basic configuration, up to 9 brews per day are possible.

With conventional brewhouse concepts, the cast-out frequency cannot be increased further at this stage due to technological bottlenecks in the lauter tun. GEA Brewery Systems, however, provides a unique solution with the MILLSTAR™ for steeping conditioned milling, which ensures conservation of the husk fraction that is important for the lautering process. With this milling system, the specific false bottom load in the lauter tun is increased and the occupation time is reduced significantly. Thus, up to 12 brews per day are possible.

For Ale brewers, a brewhouse with 2 vessels is already available.

These configuration options allow the brewer to select the equipment individually for his brewery in order to have the optimal system right from the start. One-shift operation breweries can have the ability to produce several brews during such a short period by reducing occupation time during the brew day with a well-designed system.

Cost-effective pre-fabrication

The standardization of the individual brewing vessel modules in a modular system allows individual configurations. The brewing equipment is provided largely pre-piped and pre-wired, and in a modular design or for open installation without a frame. As a consequence, installation periods are minimized and the costs on site are reduced. The compact plant design requires minimum installation space and thus leaves more space in the brewhouse.

The COMPACT-STAR™ is rounded off by the automation and visualization system GEARBOXX™ from GEA Brewery Systems - a well-proven solution for the user-friendly control and monitoring of medium-sized plants.

Concept versions at a glance:
Basic configuration with 3 vessels - 5 brews per day

Upgrade with a pre-run tank - 7 brews per day 

Upgrade with a Whirlpool - 9 brews per day 

Upgrade with a MILLSTAR™ - 12 brews per day