Carbon Capture Solutions

The GEA Carbon Capture Solutions Portfolio with the amine-based CO2 capturing process as well as options for CO2 purification, transport and utilization expands our well-established gas cleaning and heat recovery technologies offering.


GEA is committed to developing cutting-edge carbon capture technologies, enabling customers´ industries such as cement, steel, glass, and bioenergy to accelerate their transition to a low-carbon economy. 

Our carbon capture technologies portfolio allows for a complete, fast, and cost-efficient adaptation to future industry standards. It consists of the following units:

  • XECO Waste-Heat-Recovery Units
    Utilization of excess heat from industrial processes and of flue gases is the first step towards Carbon Capture & Utilization. The excess heat can be collected and transferred to the Carbon Capture unit by means of our GEA XECO Waste-Heat-Recovery Systems.

  • SETO Gas Pre-Treatment Units
    An important pre-requisite for Carbon Capture is Flue Gas Pre-Treatment to ensure the long-term stability of the Carbon Capture system. GEA SETO technology offers various solutions for cooling and condensation, removal of solids, aerosols, sulfuric and nitric oxides, and more.

  • CEBO Carbon Capture Units
    Currently, the most mature process for large scale Carbon Capture is chemical absorption with amines. GEA offers amine-based CO2 capture plants in various sizes as part of the GEA CEBO line, allowing for CO2 capturing from a very broad spectrum of exhaust gas compositions.

  • NAVO CO2 Utilization & Sequestration
    Captured CO2 must replace fossil carbon to avoid anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions. This can be achieved by Utilizing CO2 to produce CO2-based products or by liquefying and Sequestrating CO2 in long-term storages, both with help of GEA technologies.

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