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Hygienic valves & components

Hygienic valves and components

Hygienic valves from GEA are the key component as the core of fixed-pipe process plants. With a flexible valve concept and advanced control and automation functions, our valves offer the manufacturer maximum product safety and process reliability. All GEA hygienic valves are efficiently and economically designed for the respective application and enable sustainable operation with considerable savings potential. Complementary components in our program optimize the process plant - from pigging systems for recovering valuable products, process connections and compact expansion compensators for compensating thermal stresses to tank safety systems for securing and cleaning tanks and vessels. We regularly launch sophisticated product innovations on the market, supported by our research and development department. The market makes high demands, we meet them consistently and continuously.

GEA VARIVENT® Mixproof Valve Type MX for advanced safety concepts

Next level safety

GEA VARIVENT® Mixproof valve type MX for advanced safety concepts
Valve and plant automation - Q&A

Valve and plant automation

The degree of automation in production systems in the food, dairy, pharma and beverage industries is ever on the rise. In the course of the fast digital development towards Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things, digital control tops are becoming indispensable components of future process plants.
The Safety Opportunity - How maximizing product, process and employee safety can open new doors

The safety opportunity: How the triad of product, process and employee safety can open new doors

For producers of processed foods, beverages and pharmaceutical products, the safety and integrity of the product has always been a top priority. It’s always been important – and always a bit of a challenge to sleep at night. But the stakes (and headaches) are even bigger today.
Engineering office at Tuchenhagen

Raising the bar in food safety – for 90 years!

In 1931 Otto Tuchenhagen founded a small engineering business to develop dairy technology. His innovations went on to revolutionize hygienic processing in the dairy industry.
4 is the new 6

Reduce your energy consumption.

At GEA, we’re proud to show our customers a practical way to dial down costs and the ecological footprint. Our recommendation: Make conventional 6 bar system pressure a thing of the past – reduce system pressure in your plant to 4 bar and save costly energy every day!
Oat drinks – a rising star based on an old staple

Oat drinks – a rising star based on an old staple

It’s hard to overlook the number of oat drinks on supermarket shelves these days and they are breaking sales records worldwide. This should come as no surprise because there are many benefits to dairy alternatives made from this staple grain. Established dairies and drinks producers as well as green startups are using smart ideas and technologies to exploit the emerging market opportunities.
Hygienic and aseptic valves and components for perfect delights

Hygienic and aseptic valves for perfect delights

Mixproof valve technology is involved in almost all hygienic dairy processes, from milk reception and heat treatment to product storage. An almost infinite variety of adaptable hygienic valve types ensures the essential safety of the product as well as the required sustainability of the process from the raw milk to the finished product.

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GEA employees - separation

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The story of the GEA centrifuge begins in 1893, when Franz Ramesohl and Franz Schmidt began production of their patented mechanical milk separator, paving the way for modern dairy processing. The innovation helped overcome a...

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