Distillation Technology Process Integration

Production lines with optimized integrated process steps.

For existing plants GEA can validate the process lines and develop concepts for obtaining a higher plant efficiency with the attention to the feasibility of the sighted/focused measures.

As the customers’ requirements on the design of a new plant differ a lot from each other- our solutions are individually adapted to the tasks.

Intensive relationships between the client´s side and GEA are necessary throughout the project for achieving optimum results and for considering the production process entirely. 

Very variable plant concepts are the outcome– due to different raw materials, disposable resources, logistics, national guidelines and other constraints to be respected.

The goal stays the same for all solutions: to figure out the best production processes for our clients for shortest ROI and for lowest total costs of ownership.

Especially the design of entire process lines offers GEA the possibility to make use of its creativity, excellence and technical knowledge.