GSPM - Control plansifter

Machine designed to conduct final sieving on flour before bagging, ensuring high efficiency and reliabilty.

Product enters the GSPM from its superior part, through one or two feeding openings. The square shape of the sieving frames favors a rapid and even distribution of the product on the whole surface, with significant thickness and natural stratification. Product advancement on the gaskets is natural, while sieved product unload is accelerated from special expulsion rings, which keep the sieves bottom clean.

The overlapping square sieving pack can be chosen according to the kind of materials used. Every sieve is equipped with a frame to hold the gasket. GSPM does not have linking areas between sieved products and external environment, preventing contamination with external bodies (insects, dust, etc.).

Machine performance:

• Single channel sieving area: 11 m²;
• Single channel capacity: 15 t/h;
• Dual channel sieving area: 22 m²;
• Dual channel capacity: 30 t/h.

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