Membrane Filtration Systems

Cross-flow membrane filtration is the technology of choice for many industrial processes that require the separation or concentration of products without the application of heat. There are applications throughout the food, dairy, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and starch and sweetener industries in which membrane filtration excels. Benefits compared with other methods of separation include: accurate separation of multiple streams; reduced risk of damage especially for heat-sensitive products; no loss of nutritional value or clinical efficacy; reduced energy consumption; reduced waste disposal costs; higher yields; and greater flexibility for new product development. GEA is a world leader for the custom design and building of these large filtration systems with reference sites worldwide.

Cross Flow Filtration for Food Ingredients and Proteins

The building block of life: protein. GEA membrane filtration is the technology of choice for processors worldwide for the isolation, separation, and commercialization of this essential nutrient.


Protein is an essential nutrient of life and one of the building blocks of body tissue. As the world population grows so GEA membrane filtration technology is in increasing demand to recover protein from meat, fish and vegetable matter efficiently and cost effectively.

Recovering proteins from waste

The demands of a rapidly growing population drive the food processing industry to be increasingly innovative in the ways it uses food products efficiently. To this aim, the recovery of proteins, the building blocks of body tissue, from otherwise waste material, has become an essential process and an ideal application for membrane filtration.

GEA membrane filtration technology allows processors to turn waste into money by extracting high quality proteins from virtually all food raw material, providing valuable nutrition for humans and animals alike.

Using GEA membrane filtration proteins can be extracted commercially from meat, fish and vegetable matter and from process waste streams.  Most solutions can be treated hydrolyzed or non-hydrolyzed.

GEA has many reference sites worldwide that demonstrate its experience and know-how for the clarification, pre-concentration, concentration, de-ashing and fractionation of proteins.   The same technology can also be used for the effective removal of bacteria and other impurities from protein.

GEA offers plants for:

  • Animal by Products
  • Vegetable proteins
  • Fishproteins
  • Stickwaters
  • Meat proteins
  • Gelatin 
  • Waste streams to recover proteins

Most of the solutions can be treated hydrolysed or non-hydrolysed. 

GEA plants are installed for following purposes:

  • Clarification
  • Preconcentration
  • Concentration
  • Deashing
  • Fractionation  of proteins


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