Fat Analyzing Equipment

Fat Analyzing Systems Conventional off-line analysis systems take representative samples that need to be prepared prior to analysis. Even with fast off-line analysis systems, this approach means the machines are non-productive for up to 15 minutes while waiting for results. With the GEA MultiTrack on-line continuous fat analysis, the results for fat, moisture and protein are available the moment production stops, minimizing delays.
Based on these  results, an integrated standardization module calculates the amount of fat or lean needed to reach the required target. Versions available for mounting on machines (Twin), in pipelines (P) and Grinders (G). Measuring is continuously performed in the process, either in a mixer, grinder, screw conveyor or pipeline. The results can be used for batch quality control documentation as well as for standardization of a batch to a certain fat target. 
The  system is supplied with calibration for fresh or frozen pork and beef with a fat content from 44% to 65%. Other calibrations with fat range up to 85% are available as options.


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