The equipment needed by the homogenizer includes all the components able to micronize the particles of the fluid and to obtain a homogenous and stable emulsion of the product. Industrial and laboratory high pressure homogenizers are positive displacement pumps equipped with the compression block and the homogenizing valve able to process a wide range of applications and to enhance the organoleptic characteristics and the stability of the product.

Homogenization for optimized nutritional products

Homogenization is a key process in the production of nutritional formulas. As well as determining the size of the fat globules, homogenization limits free fat content and ensures the emulsification of special oils and fats. GEA has combined in-depth knowledge of nutritional formula processing with technology and engineering expertise to develop high pressure homogenizers that promise robust, reliable performance. Our hygienic designs are recognized by the industry worldwide for their performance and quality.

Liquid homogenization for micronization

Homogenization carried out after oil addition micronizes the liquid particles and oil droplets, which ensures optimum oil distribution. Using our high pressure homogenizers customers can adjust the final product properties to match required viscosity and fine-tune organoleptic properties such as taste, color and mouthfeel. Designed for user-friendly operation and maintenance, our systems can be configured to allow fast and efficient cleaning-in-place (CIP) and sterilization-in-place (SIP). GEA homogenizers are engineered for maximum runtime, so you benefit from fast return on investment, and trouble-free operation for the whole of the equipment lifespan.

Homogenization at the dryer feed line

Ariete NS3090

Installing a high pressure pump and homogenizing valve at the dryer feed line allows seamless homogenization prior to drying, when ingredients, such as sensitive oils, are added late to the mix to avoid being subjected to high temperatures upstream. GEA solutions can be configured to fit in with your existing line, without holding up production, or changing nutritional qualities.

We understand that one size doesn’t fit all, so we can configure tailor-made solutions that will help you to meet all your current product and process requirements, while providing the versatility and scope for expansion and developing new applications. The GEA Ariete Series of high pressure homogenizers includes 15 models that can be customized to offer more than 300 options. 


  • Top quality, eco-friendly processing, and optimization of resources
  • Hygienic design to ensure product safety and easy cleaning
  • Automated process monitoring to maintain quality, and avoid delays and downtime
  • Easy access and maintenance via removable panels


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