Spiral Freezers GEA S-Tec

Designed for superior hygiene, reliability, and energy saving

GEA can configure S-Tec freezing and chilling solutions for frozen meat, poultry and fish, bakery and dairy products, and ready meals.

With the rapid change in market demands and innovations in food processing, there have been many product developments that require unique handling. GEA experts in frozen food applications ensure selection of the optimal solution for your product. GEA S-Tec spiral freezers and chillers are designed for maximum hygiene, high efficiency and reliability. We guarantee top-quality, hygienically safe products throughout your entire freezing or chilling process. How? Based on our proven know-how in food freezing and chilling, together with the ability to test your products in our technology center, we select and perform trial runs on the optimum freezing or chilling configuration for your specific application.

Cooling spiral
Cooling spiral

Benefits for customers

Customized solution

  • Modular configuration.
  • Belt, floor, enclosure type options to match application requirements.
  • Extended run-time from single shift to 14 days operation with GEA Snow Removal System (SRS) or Sequential Defrost (SD) options.

Safe product handling

  • Open profiles and fully welded structure in product zone.
  • Designed to meet most stringent hygiene requirements with fully welded floor and enclosure options.
  • Effective Clean-In-Place solutions from 2 zone cleaning to full recirculating option acting like a giant dishwasher.

High yield with horizontal airflow

  • Even airflow and temperature distribution across all tiers for best heat transfer and minimum product dehydration.
  • High performance independent from product loading variation.

Low Total Cost of Ownership

  • Optimized evaporating temperature for minimum energy consumption.
  • Simple drive system, non-proprietary parts, reliable structure for low maintenance costs.

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