Spray Dryer MSD™ Spray Dryer

The MSD™ Spray Dryer is the preferred choice for many dairy products such as e.g. Milk Powder and Nutritional Formula where uniform coarse, agglomerated, free-flowing and dustless powders are in great demand.

The MSD™ Spray Dryer, specifically designed to meet the requirements of the dairy industry, incorporates the latest in dairy processing and spray drying technology. Acknowledged for its high efficiency and documented hygienic design, the MSD™ Spray Dryer has been setting the standards within agglomerated dairy powders ever since its introduction in the market; and, hence, it holds a prominent position within the dairy industry.

The drying process

GEA Niro MSD agglomerated powder, dairy

The MSD™ Spray Dryer is a multi-stage Spray Dryer that combines spray and fluid bed drying technology to a three stage drying process to ensure the best overall drying efficiency and product quality.

A set of nozzles atomize the concentrate and feed it into the drying chamber. The drying air enters vertically through the air disperser at a high velocity, ensuring optimal mixing with the atomized concentrate. At this stage, the evaporation takes place instantaneously while the droplets pass through the drying chamber. The drying chamber and air flow is designed to prevent particles from sticking to the drying chamber walls, leading them directly to the integrated Fluid Bed at the bottom of the drying chamber for the second stage drying. Finally the powder is led to a VIBRO-FLUIDIZER™ Fluid Bed for final drying and cooling.

The drying air leaves the chamber at the top allowing for a very well defined secondary agglomeration when the fine particles in the drying air collide with the spray from the nozzles. The exhaust air passes through a SANICIP™ Bag Filter that separate out the remaining particles contained in the air. The fines discharged from the Bag Filter are returned to the drying chamber - either to the static fluid bed or to the nozzles depending on the agglomeration in demand. If a non-agglomerated powder is required, the fines are led directly to the VIBRO-FLUIDIZER™ Fluid Bed.