A highly efficient and versatile brew system for craft brewers COMPACT-STAR® Craft Brewhouse

For medium-sized and specialty breweries with a cast-out quantity of 40–115 hl (35–100 US bbl)

Representing our flagship brewhouse line for craft brewers, the versatile COMPACT-STAR® provides optimum performance in an affordable package. Combining the efficiency of GEA’s larger systems with the flexibility needed to create all types of beers, the eye-catching, hygienic, stainless steel design of the COMPACT-STAR® is complemented by a sturdiness and performance found in no other system in its class.

From vessel upgrades to new builds, a wide range of customized brewhouse configurations is available. Furthermore, with its smart expansion concept and ability to deliver a 2-hour brewing cycle, the COMPACT-STAR® is fully adaptable for future growth.

Key benefits of the COMPACT-STAR® brewhouse

  • Pre-assembled modules offer fast installation and set-up
  • Easy to expand with adding additional vessels for high throughput processing
  • Eco-friendly wort production with low evaporation rates
  • Highly efficient: up to 98% extract yield in the lauter tun
  • Up to 12 brews within 24 hours means highest throughputs, even in a one-shift operation
  • Compatible with infusion and decoction mashing regimes

Designed for success

The small footprint of the COMPACT-STAR® means it’s easy to ship and the vessel modules can be freely positioned for a fully flexible brewhouse design. Plus, optional MILLSTAR® wet milling technology offers faster lautering and higher throughputs, and the internal calandria with a multi-level wort spreader and JETSTAR® two-phase boiling technology provides eco-friendly wort production. Fitted with a GEA-designed grist hydrator and mash agitator, additional specifications include the following:

  • GEA lauter technologies provide differential pressure monitoring and complete control
  • Fully automated GEARBOXX® ensures repeatable production, process visualization and remote support
  • Compliance with stringent safety standards
  • Kettle/whirlpool available for optimized throughputs with fewer vessels
  • Vessels and support constructed from stainless steel (polished or matte finish).

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Added extras

A wide range of add-ons is available, including a weak wort tank, a vapor condenser, an energy storage system, a water supply plant,  hop and additions dosing, spent grain handling, trub handling, wort cooling and aeration, steam and condensate handling, and clean-in-place (CIP).

  • Choice of 2-, 3-, 4- and 5-vessel brewhouse configuration as well as customized vessel combinations
  • Toolbox includes Mash Tun Kettle, Adjuct Cooker, Lauter Tun, Mash/Lauter Tun, Pre-Run Vessel, Wort Kettle, Whirlpool and Kettle/Whirlpool.