Double-seal Valve T-smart Mixproof Shut-off Valve 5000

With T-smart, GEA offers a valve concept with basic functions, designed for economical processes. For T-smart a deliberate decision was made not to offer a large number of options – for the benefit of the user. T-smart, of course, still provides all the variants and equipment options (e.g. housing combinations, different control tops) required by the process. Double-seal valves, series T-smart are EHEDG certified.

T-smart Double-seal Valves 5000 are used for shut-off functions in pipe systems. When the valve is closed (non-actuated position), there are always two seals between the separated pipelines. In the standard version, two flushing valves are connected to the leakage chamber between the two valve disc seals. One flushing valve is always used for the leakage outlet, while the second flushing valve is in contact with cleaning media through an olive screw fitting, in order to clean the leakage chamber. They have single-acting pneumatic actuators type NC (normally closed), alternative type NO (normally open), and are available in two different housing combinations.


  • Standardized valve concept
  • Small and compact design
  • New standards with regard to ease of use and maintenance
  • Proven GEA quality and process reliability
  • High cost-effectiveness of production

The design – small and compact

T-smart Seat Valves are characterized by their extremely compact design. The resulting low weight enables easy handling especially for servicing work. Other advantages of this design only become obvious at “second glance”:

  • Balanced valve disks prevent undesirable water hammers, especially if the direction of flow is reversed (valve is closed in direction of flow), thus further improving process reliability
  • Actuator systems kept short to minimize air consumption and reduce operating costs


  • Design which enable gentle handling of the product
  • Conformity with all hygienic requirements, EHEDG certified
  • Full CIP/SIP capability
  • Unparalleled ease of maintenance

T-smart Double-seat Valve 5000
DN 25 – DN 100
OD 1“ - OD 4“


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Mixproof Shut-off Valve 5000

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Technical Data
Material in contact with the productAISI 316 L
Material not in contact with the productAISI 304
Seal material in contact with the productEPDM
Ambient temperature0 - +45°C
Air supply pressureMin. 6 bar, max. 8 bar
Product pressureDN 25 – DN 65
OD 1” – OD 3”
max. 6 bar  
 DN 80 – DN 100
OD 4”
Max. 5 bar (NC) / max. 6 bar (NO)
Surface in contact with the productRa ≤ 0.8 μm
External housing surfaceMetal blank
Actuator typePneumatic actuator air/spring; not reversible 
Connection fittingsWelding end
CertificatesEHEDG, CE


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