GEA EasyCheck

Seamless production flow by 3-in-1 content inspection system

GEA EasyCheck
Ensure food safety and speed up your production processes. GEA EasyCheck combines metal detection, weight control and automatic rejection in a single machine. This makes sure, that your packages comply with applicable regulations.

Automatic metal detection, weight control and product rejection

High-quality packages provide the safe distribution of food products. But global standards such as HACCP, IFS and BRC must be met. Our 3-in-1 content inspection system GEA EasyCheck reliably detects incorrect weights and metal contamination of the packaged food products after the form-fill-seal process. A product rejection system is integrated , which sorts out m etal-contaminated packages or those with incorrect weights and products identified also by other inspection systems like GEA OxyCheck and LeakCheck.

Main Applications

The compact GEA EasyCheck inline weight control and metal detection system makes it easier for food manufacturers to check that all food products packaged in MAP, vacuum or skin packs match the ir declared fill weight s and are free of danger ous foreign objects.

Key benefits

Saves valuable raw resources, food contents and package materials

  • Reliably detects any food packages with metal contamination and incorrect fill weights
  • Compliant results to globally standards such as HACCP, IFS and BRC
  • Automatic rejection of faulty packages using compressed air nozzles
  • State-of the art, durable and user-friendly technology

Improves efficiency and quality of food packaging process

  • Increases customer satisfaction by preventing  complaints
  • Connectivity to GEA OxyCheck and LeakCheck quality control systems
  • Hardware interface to connect to GEA LineControl software
  • Throughput up to 120 packages per minute


One system, three functions
GEA EasyCheck
GEA EasyCheck inline weight control and metal detection systems have three modules: aa dual-frequency metal detector, a a scale and a product rejector with compressed air nozzles. Each module has its own conveyor belt for the transport of the single-lane MAP, vacuum or skin packs passing through.
Technical data
Dimensions (length x width)750 mm x 581 mm
Package weight50 g - 500 g (1500/3000 g)
Weighing/display resolution0,5 g (0,5 g/1g)
Transport height750 – 1150 mm
Belt widths225 mm
Weight module belt length325 mm (500 mm)
Rejection systemCompressed Air nozzles
Max. process rate120 packs per minute


Options to the GEA EasyCheck content inspection system
GEA EasyCheck and packaging line
GEA EasyCheck has an easy-to-use interface and software system that communicates with thermoforming packaging machines such as GEA PowerPak and PowerPak PLUS, quality control or single and lane converging systems and Human-Machine-Interfaces (HMIs).
GEA OxyCheck

GEA OxyCheck  is an in-line quality control system that checks the residual oxygen content of every single Modified Atmosphere Pack (MAP) that leaves GEA thermoformers. 

GEA LeakCheck

GEA LeakCheck identifies leaks in a package after the form-fill-seal process thereby ensuring the shelf-life of the product.

GEA EasyGuide & PowerGuide

GEA EasyGuide and the GEA PowerGuide converger family provides versatile transport for the out-feed of thermoforming packaging machines.  

GEA CombiPick

GEA CombiPick is a combined single pack, pick-and-place and converger system for end-of-line applications on GEA thermoformer configurations. 

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