Spray Dryer


Ever since its introduction, the MOBILE MINOR® Spray Dryer has enjoyed a unique reputation as the perfect choice lab-scale spray dryer to explore the possibilities of spray drying and produce small-volume powder samples.


MOBILE MINOR™ closed-cycle plant.

In the MOBILE MINOR®, small quantities of solutions, suspensions or emulsions can be dried into representative powder samples, facilitating the retrieval of the process data required for scaling-up to industrial production. It is a flexible and easy-to-handle spray dryer which has become standard equipment in the R&D departments of many leading manufacturers, independent research institutes and universities worldwide.

The MOBILE MINOR® is available in different versions designed to cater for different requirements including the drying of aqueous and/or solvent based feedstock. As different atomization techniques give different droplet sizes and drying characteristics, the MOBILE MINOR® is available in three different atomization techniques:

  • Rotary atomization
  • Atomization by a co-current two-fluid nozzle
  • Atomization by two-fluid nozzle in fountain mode

In addition, a number of options are available for powder collection, explosion protection, cleaning, data logging and other technical features.

Key figures

Nominal main process gas flow (kg/h) 100
Water evaporation capacity (kg/h) 0.5 - 6
Typical mean particle size (μm) 5 - 80
Space requirements, LxWxH (m) 2.5 x 2 x 2.3


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