Relied on worldwide for drying agglomerated nutritional and dairy powders

MSD® Spray Dryer

Tried and trusted by the global dairy industry as a flexible system for processing agglomerated nutritional and dairy products.

MSD spray dryer

Two platforms in one system

The multi-stage NIRO MSD® spray dryer combines spray and fluid bed drying technologies in a single unit, letting you process free-flowing, dust-free, and easily reconstituted agglomerated infant milk formula powders and a wealth of other nutritional and dairy powders. 

Tailored to your processes

Whatever your recipes and dairy powder applications, we’ll aim to configure the best MSD® system for all of your needs. When it comes to spray dryer technology, one size doesn’t fit all, so key components of the MSD® platform, including the air disperser, spray drying chamber, cyclones, fluid bed and bag filters, can be tailored to optimize your spray drying processes.

But we don’t just supply equipment. GEA experts can also be on hand remotely, and on site, to help fine tune your MSD® spray dryer operating parameters, for example, when processing new products. We want you to be confident that your final dairy powders exhibit precisely defined characteristics, including particle size, powder solubility and bulk density. 

Boosting efficiency and sustainability in spray drying

The MSD® spray dryer is one of our most energy efficient spray dryers, but we’ve also developed a suite of innovative equipment and digital tools that are designed to help optimize your spray drying plant operation further, boosting efficiency and improving environmental sustainability. 

NIRO MSD® spray dryer benefits at a glance:
  • Spray and fluid bed drying technologies in one system
  • Equipment configuration tailored to match capacity, powder recipes, process requirements and product characteristics
  • Hygienic design to meet stringent regulatory requirements for dairy manufacturing
  • Flexibility for processing multiple products on one system
  • User-friendly operation, easy inspection and automated cleaning
  • GEA expertise on hand to help fine tuning spray dryer function 
  • Multiple features support safety, productivity and efficiency
  • Compatible with innovative GEA technologies to further save energy and improve sustainability 
  • Automation, digital tools and hands-free product handling to boost process stability, improve operator safety and reduce plant downtime
  • Spray dryer test center for trialling processes and evaluating additional GEA innovations 

How it works

The multi-stage dryer carries out up to three stages of drying, depending on the product. The liquid feed is atomized and fed first into the spray drying chamber where most of the water is evaporated. The moist product particles are then transferred sequentially into the static fluid bed at the bottom of the drying chamber, for further drying, and from this fluid bed into the VIBRO-FLUIDIZER® for final drying and cooling. Exhaust air passes through the cyclone to the SANICIP® II bag filter and the discharged powder fines are returned either to the static fluid bed, to the air disperser, or to the VIBRO-FLUIDIZER®, dependent on the required powder agglomeration profile. We have configured MSD® spray dryer plants that can process powdered dairy products at throughputs of anywhere from 100 kg/h to 30 tonnes/h powder. Talk to us if you have any out of the ordinary requirements. 



MSD® plant upgrades

We want all of our customers to get great results from their GEA spray dryer, from day one, and also for the lifespan of their plant. We’re always striving to develop new technologies that can improve your plant’s productivity, safety and efficiency, as well as support process sustainability goals.

Hygiene and safety, 24/7 

The MSD® spray dryer is hygienic by design to meet the most stringent regulatory requirements for safe, sanitary dairy processing. You’ll also find user-friendly features for easy equipment inspection and maintenance. Equipment safety and operational health and safety are key factors in the design of all GEA spray dryer components, plants and process lines. Key technologies, including our SPRAYEYE®, Clean Purge, DRIVENT®, COTECTOR® and fire safety systems are all designed to give you confidence in the safety of your MSD® spray dryer plant, monitoring for fire and explosion risks, while supporting 24/7 production.

All MSD® systems are supplied with automated clean-in-place (CIP) units, reducing the need for manual cleaning tasks. CIP can potentially reduce water and chemicals use, and so cut wastewater volume and associated treatment.

A focus on efficiency and quality

MSD® spray dryer efficiency and quality is further enhanced thanks to our Clean Purge and CEE cyclone technologies integrated into the plant. We’ve shown that compared with other air dispersers, the GEA DDD® air disperser provides best-in-class distribution of the drying air. Benefits include a more uniform product and longer production runs between scheduled cleaning stops, which can lead to improved equipment performance overall.

Our SANICIP® II bag filter and the No Intervention Fines Return System (NIFRS) further help to reduce product loss and can lead to real improvements in productivity and final powder quality.

Focus on process stability and sustainability

The MSD® spray dryer can be combined with key GEA innovations that could significantly improve your process sustainability. Take a look at our digital GEA OptiPartner advanced process control platform, heat recovery systems and energy-saving AddCool® heat pump technology, which in combination can dramatically improve process stability and energy efficiency. Just talk to your local GEA representative to find out more.

Thorough testing before investing

We want you to be confident that our technologies will deliver on your expectations. At our test center of excellence in Soeborg, Denmark, you can trial your processes on MSD® equipment, and get expert help from GEA spray drying specialists who will work with you to refine and optimize processes and address any concerns and questions, before you invest. You can also see the latest GEA innovations in action, and evaluate the best options for your plant, not just for today, but with a view to your continued growth and expansion.

GEA OptiPartner process optimization

GEA OptiPartner

OptiPartner's integration of advanced algorithms and human expertise has led to remarkable results, including up to an 80% stability boost, 10% production increase, and 10% reductions in energy consumption.

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