A great option for agglomerated and dense powders


Recognized around the world as a robust, reliable system for spray drying dense agglomerated and non-agglomerated whey and milk powders.

Spray Dryer COMPACT DRYER 1200x675 web
We’ve developed the GEA COMPACT DRYER as an ideal spray dryer system for producing whey powders as well as dense agglomerated and non-agglomerated milk powders, without affecting capacity. The system offers spray and fluid bed drying in a single, space-saving system, with optional use of either rotary or nozzle atomization to fine tune your powder properties. 

Giving our best for processing your core milk and whey powders

Our customers around the world rely on the COMPACT DRYER to give them reproducible, reliable processing at even the highest capacity. But because we are GEA, we go that extra mile. We know that everyone’s products and expectations will be different, so we can tailor key components to your product and process needs, to give you a personalized setup that also fits in with your existing site layout, as well as your budget. 

GEA COMPACT DRYER at a glance:
  • Spray and fluid bed drying technologies in one system
  • Flexibility to dry dense agglomerated, or non-agglomerated whey and milk powders
  • Easily switched between rotary and nozzle atomization
  • Hygienic design to meet stringent regulations for dairy manufacturing
  • Flexibility for processing multiple products on one system
  • Designed for easy inspection
  • Automated clean-in-place as standard
  • Multiple features to support safety, productivity and efficiency
  • Supported by GEA innovation to help further save energy and drive sustainability 
  • Automation, digital tools and hands-free product handling to boost process stability, improve operator safety and reduce plant downtime
  • GEA expertise on hand for support, upgrades and troubleshooting

Technology-packed for processing dense and fine powders

The GEA COMPACT DRYER is available in a range of sizes. As its name suggests, our system is also compact in stature, requiring less space than other spray dryers of similar capacities, but without compromising on features or functionality. 

How it works

The system features spray- and fluid bed drying in one unit. Concentrate is fed into the top of the drying chamber and atomized by either a set of nozzles or a rotary atomizer. Evaporation occurs just about instantly as the droplets pass through the drying chamber to the integrated fluid bed for the next stage in drying. From here the powder is discharged into a VIBRO-FLUIDIZER® fluid bed where final drying and cooling take place. The positioning of the air outlet in the bottom of the COMPACT DRYER means that agglomeration only takes place in the first fluid bed, resulting in dense agglomerates.


Upgrades to maintain tiptop performance

We expect all of our components and equipment to give you top performance for the lifespan of your plant, so we can tell you when upgrades are available that could improve the efficiency or productivity of your existing COMPACT DRYER. Ask about other options that might reduce manual tasks and equipment downtime, and help to recycle heat and water.

Safe and hygienic by design

The GEA COMPACT DRYER is hygienic by design to satisfy the most stringent regulatory requirements for safe, sanitary dairy processing. Engineered for easy equipment inspection and maintenance we’ve also put equipment safety and operational health and safety at the top of our design imperatives. Find out how our GEA DRIVENT®, COTECTOR® and fire safety systems can reduce the risk of fire and explosions, giving you even greater confidence in the safety of your COMPACT DRYER plant, and your personnel.

All of our COMPACT DRYER plants are supplied with automated clean-in-place (CIP) as standard, taking the load off your operators so they can focus on other key tasks in the plant. Thorough, efficient CIP may also help to save water and so cut your wastewater load, while fewer manual tasks reduce the likelihood of human error and associated delays.

GEA COMPACT DRYER efficiency and process quality are further enhanced thanks to our optional CEE cyclone technologies. GEA SANICIP® bag filter and No Intervention Fines Return System (NIFRS) technologies further help to reduce product loss, and so help to improve your yield.

Stability and sustainability

The COMPACT DRYER can be combined with additional GEA innovations that could significantly improve your process sustainability. At our centre of excellence in Soeborg, Denmark, you also can find out more about our digital GEA OptiPartner process control automation platform, heat recovery systems and energy-saving AddCool® heat pump technology, which in combination can dramatically improve process stability and energy efficiency. Talk to our specialists about which technologies might be combined with the COMPACT DRYER to help you get the best results from your plant while reducing carbon footprint, and supporting your future growth and expansion.

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