Dryers & Particle Processing Plants

GEA's drying and particle processing plants are applied in the production of a wide range of products - from bulk products to the most advanced powders within food and dairy products, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Our supply includes plants in all sizes; from small pilot plants for research and product development to the largest industrial installations. Whether you wish to produce a powder, granulate, or an agglomerated product we have the expertise, technology, and equipment to match your needs . Our portfolio also includes the technology in front of or downstream the drying process.

Meeting the Highest Standards for Drying and Powder Quality

GEA provides a broad range of solutions for drying specialty and fine chemicals. A drying plant from GEA will allow you to meet the most exacting standards for powder quality, including particle size, distribution, bulk density and morphology, in combination with the highest efficiency, safety and environmental compliance.

A broad range of solutions

GEA’s portfolio includes stand-alone drying units and tailored systems for specific applications. We can offer:

• Fluid Bed dryers/coolers

• Spray dryers

• Flash dryers

We work with many of the leading chemical producers worldwide, to provide drying solutions for a wide range of chemical compounds and products, including:

Hard metals, tungsten carbides, carbides, ready-to-press (RTP) powders

• Nanomaterials

• Proppants, ferrites, titanate, oxides, nitrides, silica, silicates, Phosphates, sulfonates

• Compounds for batteries, cathode and anode materials

• Dyes, pigments, sulfate, carbonate, iron oxides, kaolin, titanium dioxide, chromates

• Dispersing agents, emulsifying agents, chelating agents, enzymes, optical brighteners

The combination of our chemical engineering, technology and process design expertise means we are an ideal partner for all your specialty and fine chemical drying needs. Our experienced test engineers and process technologists can carry out both test work and process development tailored to your application and requirements. All our plants are, of course, designed to meet the most stringent explosion and emission control standards.

GEA will oversee your project from inception and design, to the point of handing over a fully operational plant, on time. Our attention to detail will ensure that the needs of all stakeholders are met, and ensure that there are no expensive mistakes or delays. Once the project has been delivered, we can in addition offer a comprehensive service and plant upgrade program to guarantee plant performance and longevity.


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