Are you ready to bring your lollipop production into the future?

GEA Aquarius FlexFormer XHC

Are you ready to bring your lollipop production into the future?

Easy change overs

The FlexFormer XHC doesn’t just offer increased speed and flexibility – it’s also our most efficient, reliable lollipop former yet, keeping you running for longer. Change over times are limited to approximately just 1,5 hours thanks to the new easy change tools, and a turnable stick hopper facilitates easier access to sticks and smooth flows within 5-10 minutes.

Higher outputs – fewer cleaning cycles

The FlexFormer XHC’s polished forming set ensures reduced cleaning cycles, less water usage when running Clean In Place (CIP) and longer production runs per day, depending on your production circumstances. CIP substantially reduces downtime and labour costs, with only 20-30 minutes cleaning after each production run.

Efficient continuous operation

With the FlexFormer XHC’s automatic lubrication system, we ensure an efficient and continuous operation, with less wear and tear due to lubrication on the forming set flaps, and lubrication of the stamp shaft and press bridge via PLC control.

GEA bal lollipop


  • Easy access and easy maintenance thanks to turnable stick hopper
  • Consistent high quality of produced lollipops 
  • Very flexible, quick change over between sizes, within 1,5 hour 
  • CIP unit, automatic cleaning within 0,5 hour 
  • Efficient continuous operation, less downtime due to automatic lubrication system 
  • Extensive damage protection package

Extensive machine protection

Our machine protection system ensures no damage to the parts during a standard production run, with temperature monitoring of the forming set and motor consumption, as well as an automatic-stop pressure gauge.

Performance values

  • High output up to 2770 lollipops per minute 
  • Less operating costs 
  • Flexible production (easy change tool to exchange forming set)

Technical details

Technical data FlexFormer XHC
Output (max) 2770 lollipops/ min
Dimensions (H x W x D) case 210 x 210 x 220 cm
Diameter/ width lollipop (min to max) 20 - 35 mm
Minimum rim 2,9 mm
Weight lollipop 4,8 gr - 39,4 gr
Diameter stick 3,2 - 5,5 mm
Stick length 75 - 102 mm
Tolerance diameter stick 0,1 mm

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