Baking Tunnel Ovens

The baking process is a key step to achieve the final color, texture and taste of every type of bakery product.

GEA Bakery brings together two industry leaders, GEA Comas and GEA Imaforni, to provide top-of-the-line oven solutions for the bakery industry. With a combined experience of 100 years, we offer a complete range of tunnel ovens, from gas, hybrid and electric ovens. As tunnel oven manufacturers, we are known for our innovative designs and custom-made solutions that cater to the specific needs of our customers worldwide.
Ideal baking solution for every needs.

At GEA Bakery, we understand the diverse baking needs of every product. Leveraging our deep technological expertise, we offer a wide array of tailored oven solutions to meet these specific requirements. From direct gas-fired to indirect cyclotherm ovens, and from hybrid to electric ovens, we provide options for all baking challenges. Our modular baking technology ensures precise configuration and adjustment to meet any requirement, while our advanced 3D modeling and dynamic simulators optimize design efficiency.


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GEA G-Bake: the solutions for high-heat gas ovens.

The GEA G-Bake are gas ovens that offer flexible baking solutions tailored to your needs, with systems designed to accommodate both natural gas and LPG. Our innovative technology, based on the Venturi principle, ensures precise combustion control even at zero pressure. Each tunnel oven zone features independent heat control for both top and bottom heating, regulated by combustion air fans. Our user-friendly interface allows operators to easily adjust heating levels and monitor temperatures in real-time using a sliding bar graph display. Additionally, our tunnel ovens are equipped with automatic moisture extraction systems in each zone, enabling precise humidity adjustment as products progress through the oven.
gas oven
GEA E-Bake: a green option without compromises.

The GEA E-Bake are bakery electric ovens that offer versatility, capable of baking a wide range of products. Similar in design to direct gas-fired ovens, they utilize electric heating elements instead of gas burners. Ideal for regions with limited gas access but ample electricity supply, these ovens produce minimal waste, only emitting by-products from the baking dough. Our new Electric oven boasts zero energy loss and emits no combustion fumes, making it an environmentally friendly choice with zero CO2 emissions, aligning with green solutions.

electric oven

Cutting costs, boosting sustainability:

GEA enables bakery industry to switch from gas to electric ovens.

GEA technology empowers the bakery industry by facilitating the transition from gas to electric ovens, driven by sustainability and cost-saving considerations. The GEA E-Switch Bake retrofit kit underscores this commitment, enabling up to 14% energy savings, reduced maintenance and gas expenses, and carbon-neutral baking processes. Recognized with the Add Better label, validated by TÜV Rheinland, this solution reflects GEA's dedication to verifiable resource efficiency and sustainable impact.
GEA H-Bake: take advantage from the mixed heating vesatility of the hybrid oven.

The GEA H-Bake are hybrid ovens that offer unmatched versatility by combining multiple heating systems to accommodate diverse baking needs. Our specialists collaborate closely with customers to tailor the oven configuration for each product or process. For instance, cracker and hard sweet biscuits benefit from a hybrid design featuring a direct gas-fired section followed by indirect convection. Meanwhile, rotary molded or wire-cut products may require a hybrid oven with a cyclotherm section followed by indirect convection heating. The advantages of our hybrid ovens include flexibility to bake various products with different profiles, improved moisture control to prevent biscuit checking, enhanced crispness, and uniform color consistency across the oven width.
hybrid oven

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