GEA CombiGrind mixer/grinder


The GEA CombiGrind mixer/grinders are ideal for mixed and ground meat products such as beef burgers, case ready ground meat and many sausage products. Because of the independent mixer wings and the PLC control the GEA CombiGrind is very compact and flexible.

Working principle

The twin-shaft PLC controlled mixing unit has side-by-side paddle mixing wings for fast and homogeneous distribution of meat, fat, additives and liquids. An integrated grinder between the mixing wings delivers constant capacity throughout the batch.

  • PLC controlled
  • Side-by-side twin-shaft mixer-grinder


Typical applications for a GEA CombiGrind include recipe mix and final grinding, and the symmetric design makes it an ideal solution for automated recipe formulation lines for ground products such as salami or pepperoni. The machine incorporates a GEA 200 or 250 mm grinding head which is axially positioned between the paddle wings. The worm receives a steady infeed of mixed product from the paddle wings. To double the capacity an optional booster pump fits between the worm and knife set of the 250mm grinder.

  • Flexible mixing from gentle stirring to massaging
  • Excellent grinding performance with low product stress
  • Suitable for fresh and fresh/frozen mixtures
  • Robust and reliable

Output quality

To increase the capacity an optional booster pump fits between the worm and knife set to increase capacity of the 250mm grinder. This option also reduces backwash which improves particle definition and product contrast.

  • Increase capacity
  • Improved particle definition
  • Improved product contrast


All corners of the cabinet are curved and surfaces are fine-ground and bead-peened to facilitate thorough cleaning. The leak-proof shaft seals are easily removed for daily cleaning. The grinder components are clamped rather than bolted, making them easily detached for time-saving sanitation processes.

  • All corners are curved
  • Surfaces are fine-ground and bead-peened
  • Leak-proof shaft seals