Liquid Dosage

Cutting-edge upstream and downstream bioprocessing equipment

Liquid dosage
GEA specializes in the planning, construction and qualification of sterile process plant for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Experts in aseptic process management, closed product handling, compliance with GMP requirements, gentle product treatment, the efficient recovery of active ingredients and reliable scale-up, we supply modules, components and complete lines for the production and purification of biotechnologically manufactured products such as vaccines, hormones and other therapeutic agents.

In addition, GEA offers plant for the formulation of syrups, suspensions, parenterals and blood plasma fractionation. Systems for the production, storage, and distribution of clean utilities and media complete the portfolio.

With a proven track record in processes such as preformulation and API production, including fermentation, clarification, membrane filtration and separation, homogenization and micronization, crystallization, classification, concentration, lyophilization and fractionation, as well as complete integration with upstream and downstream processes, GEA’s standalone machines or package units guarantee a high yield of valuable substances and operate efficiently, reliably and economically throughout a long service life.

Process Modules

Our equipment portfolio includes a comprehensive range of standard and customized vessels, bioreactors, fermenters and flow components, as well as advanced processing modules for the dairy, food and juice industries.

Complete Application Support

Whether you produce infusion solutions, electrolytes, anesthetics, oncology drugs, inhalables, monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), vaccines or therapeutic proteins, or whether you’re a manufacturer of serums, injection solutions, insulin or drop solutions, our wide range of modular plant and equipment performs any task and takes account of any specific requirements or conditions.

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