Cutting edge technology developed by pioneers

GEA classifies as a pioneer in the production of industrial solutions for food manufacturing. Thanks to the acquisition of Pavan, GEA has extended its presence to pasta production, one of the most popular food products present in many cultures across the world.

Thanks to a long-lasting combined experience in pasta manufacturing, at GEA we provide a wide range of pasta formats, including long and short-cut dry pasta with formats like spaghetti and fusilli, fresh pasta with products such as ravioli and tortellini. Nonetheless, we strongly believe in offering industrialized recipes of the most iconic and cultural food products, such us couscous, allowing our customers to produce such products on a large scale while maintaining the flavors of tradition.

Enhancing pasta quality through advanced technology

The technology developed by GEA facilitates the use of any type of ingredient. The percentage of protein present is fundamental to the quality of the pasta as it gives strength to its texture. By applying technologies such as TAS, climatic zones and vacuum, it is possible to make excellent end products even from flours with low protein contents.  High temperatures are excellent for processing products made from weak flours and bread wheat flours with low protein contents because they facilitate coagulation and improve the quality of the pasta.

With the acquisition of Pavan, GEA has implement the Vacuum Technology: a pioneering choice that has stood the test of time, developed and perfected to create current solutions. Moreover, the Thermo Active System has revolutionized the way pasta is dried. An avant-garde system yielding higher quality pasta in less time. At GEA we have our own Technology Center area dedicated to R&D, with pilot plants, flexible production lines and analysis laboratories equipped with all the instruments required to carry out chemical, rheological and nutritional tests on pasta, snacks and breakfast cereals.


R&D Technology Center

Behind every technological breakthrough lies extensive research, and at GEA Pasta, Extrusion and Milling technologies we prioritize research and development. Our dedicated R&D area, complete with pilot plants, flexible production lines, and cutting-edge analysis laboratories, ensures that every aspect of pasta production is meticulously tested and optimized.
Making the best pasta out of your raw materials


Technology making high-quality pasta available worldwide

Pasta is increasingly becoming a common part of the diet of people around the world thanks to its nutritional and food qualities, shelf-life and ease of preparation. However, it is only thanks to the continuous technological development of production processes that pasta can now be produced worldwide.
Dry pasta processing equipment

Customer case

GEA and Pastificio Felicetti: an ongoing success story

Cutting-edge systems and novel technologies contribute to reduce the environmental footprint in the Felicetti modern-day dry pasta plant. Discover the full story

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