GEA Bakery designs, configures and installs high-capacity, customizable and complete lines for crackers. From ingredient mixing to the baking phase, GEA technologies cover the entire process to ensure that the final product has the perfect structure, taste and crunchiness.

High quality tailor-made solutions for crackers' processing lines that ensure flexibility, structure, texture and taste while covering every production capacity.

Bridging the gap between quality and repeatability

Achieving top product quality requires a combination of the right recipe, optimum processing and baking systems. GEA's technology expertise allows to develop equipment that does not stress the dough, ensuring quality and consistency of the final product, with production capacities ranging from 500 to 200 kg/h. Thanks to the combination of established know-how and innovation, GEA Bakery lines can produce crackers of any kind and shape.

Mixing and Dough feeding system

Careful handling of the mixed ingredients through the feeding system ensures consistent quality and repeatable down-stream processing. Each system can be configured to handle different dough textures and match available space and plant layout. GEA's technologies can be designed to include ground-level tub-lifting, tilting systems or pocket rollers that will directly portion the dough.

Sheeting and Forming: the heart of the processing line

GEA baking technologies can handle different viscosities of dough, high volumes and high precision in moulding. By offering modular forming units the line can be tailored to meet any processing or production requirement: from versatile cut and sheet lamination systems to rotary systems for embossing and cutting.

GEA Bakery's sheeting lines guarantee consistent, uniform and stress-free sheeting that lead to a perfectly baked final product.


GEA's ovens can be equipped with direct gas fired systems, direct or indirect convections. Hybrid ovens play a fundamental role in the baking process: they allow to choose different types of heating systems that ensure great flexibility of the process. Different baking profiles can be easily processed in the same ovens, where several windows are placed for direct inspections fo the product during each stage of baking.

Flexible, customizable and high-precision systems

Flexibility is one of the key aspects to satisfy market trends for products that are subjected to continuous changes in tastes. GEA offers a complete range of baking machinery that ensure fine-tuned control of the final product, with reduced risks of checking effects and improved crunchiness, texture and uniformity.

GEA's modular forming units can be configured to match the layout of the baking plant, while maintaining high-quality materials and respecting standards of reliability, hygiene, speed and product handling control.

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