Producing perfectly textured, light and tasty cakes is the ultimate goal for any baker. Whether your masterpieces are cupcakes and muffins, or marbled, filled, molded or decorated cakes, GEA offers industry-leading equipment, production lines and complete turnkey plants, designed to ensure that every final product has the texture, flavor and appearance that you and your customers, will expect.

GEA has spent decades working with medium and large industrial-scale customers to develop end-to-end technologies that can be tailored to any processing requirement, whatever the size, shape and type of cake.

Cupcakes and Muffins

Fast paper cup handling, precise mix depositing, gentle baking and accurate decorating are key to enabling the highest production capacity for basic cupcakes and mushroom-shaped muffins made with top quality ingredients.

Precision and Efficiency in Cupcake Handling

GEA Cup Denesters feature a patented system designed to flawlessly pick and place even the smallest cupcake cases into indented trays. This technology not only reduces manual labor but also enhances throughput and automation, ensuring efficient and precise handling of cupcake production
DSM denester detail

Marbled and two color cakes

Dual colour cakes make a real impact on the eye, and offer almost limitless possibilities. Processing marbled cakes depends on technologies that can deposit precise amounts of different mixes sequentially or simultaneously, without compromising on texture or taste.

Accurate depositing solutions for diverse mixes

Our volumetric cylinder depositors are known for their precision and accuracy. With gentle mix handling from hopper to head and specially designed depositing chambers, our bakery depositors ensure that the texture of even the most delicate mixes remains unaffected. Servo-motor options further enhance precision and throughput, catering to the most demanding production lines.
bake depositor mo

Molded (or oiled) Cakes

For madeleines, twinkies, animal-shaped and other cakes that are baked directly in molds and indents, an efficient oil sprayer that coats every corner and curve will help to ensure that each product comes out cleanly, even from irregular shaped molds, without tasting of oil.

Enhancing quality in cake production

GEA Bakery offers advanced solutions for oiled cake production, including an oil sprayer with a mobile depositing system. Reaching every corner and curve of the mould, our system will dispense exactly the right amount of oil so that the taste of your product is not affected. A GEA oil sprayer will help to ensure that products can be easily depanned using one of our automated overturning or pick and place systems. GEA Depanners can be configured to use needles, vacuums or clamps, and if required can place cakes directly into blisters or boxes.

Moreover, our tunnel ovens feature independent temperature control across each zone, to ensure that every product baked has uniform height, color and moisture content. Sophisticated software and recipe storage capabilities make switching between products easy, while optional heat recovery systems improve efficiency.

Decorated Cakes

Decorating technologies offer options for producing individual finishes for special occasion cakes. Improve the look and taste of your cake with a high quality chocolate or whipped cream and decorations to make them stand out from the ordinary.

Personalized decoration

To put the finishing touches to any size or shape of cake, GEA decorating systems offer the opportunity to personalize and change the look and finish of any product.

Topping depositor

Injected Cakes

Accurate and precision technologies for injecting chocolate, cream and other fillings provide opportunities for processing imaginative cupcakes, twinkies and specialty cakes.


Expert support

GEA Bakery Experience Center (BEC)

At the GEA Bakery Experience Centers (BEC) in Italy, our process and food technology experts work with customers to test and optimize existing and new recipes and production processes. A wide range of processing equipment and systems is available, including mixers, depositors, filling machines, pizza topping machines, ovens and packaging equipment. The BEC also test all machines that leave the factory, prior to delivery to our customers.

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