Her tomorrow is our today.

Safeguarding our resources to protect, feed and power the world.

The future of our world undoubtedly belongs to our children - especially in times of crises and challenges, the well-being of future generations is more than ever the focus of our efforts. We are always aware that every action we take today has a far-reaching impact on the world of tomorrow - both positive and negative.

That is why we work every day to ensure that the world we leave our children is a sustainable and livable one, and that we actively contribute to shaping a better future for all. We are convinced that together we can make a difference, and we are committed to working toward a world in which all people can benefit equally from the innovations and advances of our time.

A world that remains livable in the long term, however, requires a ubiquitous resource that transcends all boundaries: water.
Despite seemingly endless supplies, clean water is one thing: limited.

Therefore, it is essential to adopt sustainable strategies and measures to ensure clean water for the future.

Safeguarding our resources to protect, feed and power the world.

GEA envionmental Decanter lines

GEA – decades of expertise as a sludge specialist in the waste water business.

In response to the growing need for sustainable water usage, there's an increasing demand for improved water management. This applies to wastewater and sludge treatment in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants, as it does in agriculture.

To address these pressing challenges, we have developed GEA biosolids, sludge and manure Decanter to turn biosolids, industrial waste water sludge, manure and fermentation residue into a recyclable resource, generating both energy and recyclable material with optimal efficiency.

GEA Decanter pro

Standardized machine configuration

GEA environmental Decanter pro

  • Standardized machine configuration for plug & play integration in processes with little need for adjustments
  • Resource efficient product that carries the Add Better label
  • High performance, economical investment and lifecycle costs
  • Output range: 1 m3/h – 120 m3/h
GEA Decanter prime

Customized machine configuration

GEA environmental Decanter prime

  • Can be flexibly configured for highly complex preparation processes with individual requirements and large capacities
  • GEA summationdrive® for automatic torque measurement and differential speed adjustment
  • Excellent performance
  • Output range: 15 mm3/h – 300 m3/h
GEA biosolids Granulator

Innovative dry-on-demand solution

GEA biosolids Granulator

The GEA biosolids Granulator is an innovative dry-on-demand solution for the treatment of biosolids from municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants. It combines existing centrifuge-based dewatering with proven drying technology.

It is the perfect solution for plants with limited disposal and recycling capacities that want to future-proof their processes in terms of circular economy, sustainability and environmental footprint.
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Experience our commitment to "engineering for a better world" in action every day. With our innovative products, sustainability becomes a reality, seamlessly integrated into everyday operations. From energy-efficient solutions to water-saving technologies, our products deliver immediate benefits, fostering future-proof business development across diverse industries.
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