Filling & Packaging for Food Ingredients

Reliable and versatile solutions are needed for filling bulk-manufactured powdered food ingredients into bags, super sacks, boxes and drums. GEA offers a range of powder filling solutions that are designed to enable fast changeover between ingredient batches and that feature easy cleaning for both dry and wet cleaning processes.

Versatility in filling

GEA Avapac Box Drum Filling
Bag, Box & Drum Filling System

GEA has a range of manual and semi-automated filling solutions, equipment and components that are easily adapted to handle bags, boxes or drums. This enables our customers to quickly change product type and pack into a variety of container formats to suit their requirements. Our portfolio also includes container handling equipment, modified atmosphere packing (MAP) solutions and quality control equipment.

Bag, box and drum filling

Filling of food ingredients often requires specialized container handling solutions to enable the handling of bags, boxes or drums. GEA offers filling solutions that have been designed to enable quick changeover to handle multiple container formats, with filling capacities up to 50kg. Our container handling technologies include automated solutions to convey the finished containers to various locations for palletizing and storage. We also offer a range of hygienic bag closure and sealing systems for powder packing applications.

Easy cleaning solutions

GEA’s food ingredients filling solutions can be supplied with features that enable easy disassembly for dry cleaning, or with specially designed retractable spray nozzles for high efficiency wet cleaning. These options give our customers the flexibility to pack a wide variety of food ingredients or flavorings on a single machine and to wet-wash in between batches.

Quality assurance

GEA in addition offers quality assurance (QA) systems that can check for basic parameters such as weight, or that incorporate sensitive, integrated metal detection or X-ray systems to identify contaminants.