Air Conditioning & Chilling

Confectionery and bakery products, such as raw dough, cream or chocolate, need to be kept at specific ambient temperatures to retain their freshness, stability, texture and appearance. Whatever your requirement for temperature control, GEA offers a portfolio of chillers, refrigeration compressors and heat pumps for heating and cooling, which will suit any confectionary application.

In touch with chocolate - not too hot, and not too cold


Temperature is particularly important when working with chocolate coatings. If the ambient temperature is too cold, the coating on a biscuit, for example, will be too tough. If the ambient temperature is too warm it will only be possible to generate an ultra thin coating as the chocolate will be too liquid.

Ventilation systems are key to keeping the air temperature constant when working with chocolate coatings. In the Netherlands, production facilities for Mars® chocolate are installed with heating and cooling banks. The stainless steel GEA heat exchangers and all associated equipment are easily accessible and can be cleaned from both sides.

Another example is in the facility’s bakery, where freshly baked products are cooled by air. Removal of vitiated production-floor air is enabled by three air-extraction fans, with motors that are installed outside the airflow. This prevents air pollution that might otherwise be caused by the motors circulating fine particles of cookies or nuts that are suspended in the air.