For the past 15 years, GEA has delivered numerous pre-assembled pasteurizer lines throughout the world. In doing so, particular focus has been given to the markets in Russia and the CIS countries. In the Russian market, the company enjoys an excellent reputation as a manufacturer of high-performance centrifuges.

In cooperation with partners from the dairy industry, GEA has been designing production lines for cream cheese, butter, butter oil and casein for many years, which are individually tailored and further developed to the client’s needs. The prefabricated pasteurizer lines are manufactured at the Oelde site and installed and commissioned at the client's facility with minimal effort.

First order for a pre-assembled complete whey plant in Russia

For the first time, a customer from Barnaul, Siberia, in the Altai Mountains — about 200 km south of Novosibirsk —has been won over for the installation of a pre-assembled whey pasteurizer plant. The dairy OOO "STK Barnaul" decided in favor of a unit with a capacity of 15,000 l / h with clarification and skimming separators, which could already be put into operation to the fullest satisfaction of the customer. Depending on the season, the cheese dairy processes 50,000 to 150,000 kg of milk per day into sliced cheese.

Intelligent technology saves energy and space

Centrifuge - Separator MSI for Milk or Whey
The self-draining type MSI 100 is used as a skimming separator. The standardization of the whey cream is done manually. In addition to GEA separators — pumps, valves and switch panels made by GEA are also integrated into the overall system

In order to thoroughly rid the whey of cheese dust, an MSI 100 whey clarifier is integrated into the system after the preheating stage. The separator removes up to 99.9% of the fine particles. The cheese dairy was one of the first customers in Russia to receive the separators with integrated direct drive. The motor is integrated in the frame below the separator drum and the axle of the motor is rigidly connected to the drum spindle. The frequency-controlled motor thus rotates at the same speed as the drum.

The client not only saves energy with the new system, but also space requirements and noise emissions have been significantly reduced. The maintenance-friendly engine can easily be removed from above. Care and maintenance requirements for gearboxes or flat belts are eliminated.

Convenient control for safe operation

The automatic control and monitoring of the pasteurizer line is carried out by an intelligent control unit. The system is also self-cleaning, with the operator being able to individually set all parameters such as times, temperatures and the number of cleaning cycles.