PERFORMA™ Tablet Presses PERFORMA™ Lite Tablet Press

The PERFORMA™ Lite is a robust, high-performance, fully automatic tablet press that is ideally suited to high-yield applications. It is flexible, reliable, fully accessible and offers outstanding, cost-effective productivity.

Features & Benefits

As with all GEA tablet presses, the PERFORMA™ Lite benefits from the unique Air Compensator, providing highly sensitive weight control and the option to extend pre-compression dwell time by up to 300% without reducing linear speed. 

Large doors and the absence of corner pillars or columns allow easy access for changeover, cleaning and maintenance. The PERFORMA™ Lite is compact, simple to operate, produces high-quality tablets and delivers a rapid return on investment.

A key feature is the  exchangeable turret, which allows maximum flexibility and enables product changeover in just 30 minutes using a semi-automatic exchange sequence. This minimizes downtime, maximizes productivity and facilitates access to the compression zone for cleaning and maintenance.

The PC/PLC-based Multi-Control system puts the PERFORMA™ Lite well ahead of similar-size tablet presses with comparable mechanical capabilities.  This 21 CFR Part 11 compliant system offers highly advanced operational control and extensive reporting functionalities, many of which can be configured by the customer to suit their specific needs. 


Technical specifications

The PERFORMA™ Lite is available for:

Tooling D B BB BBS
Max. tablet diameter [mm] 25,4 16 (L=19) 13 (L=14,3) 11
Punch body diameter [mm] 25,4 19 19 19
Outside die diameter [mm] 38,1 30,16 24 22
Die height [mm] 23,81 22,22 22,22 22,22
Number of stations 24 30 36 39
Max. fill depth [mm] 20 19 19 19
Top punch penetration [mm] 1 to 4
Max. pre-compression force [kN] 10 (under extended dwell time)
Max. compression force [kN] 100
Max. output capacity [tab/h] 157.000 220.000 264.000 320.000
Electrical requirements 3phase+PE – 380 / 400 / 415 / 460 / 480 V – 50Hz / 60Hz  
nominal consumption 5,5 kW / power installed 9 kVA
Compressed air requirements clean & dry / 7-8 bar / 500l/min
Dust extraction requirements 150 m³/h at 15 mbar
Machine dimensions & weight W = 1.200 mm x D = 1.050 mm x H = 2.000 m – 2.500 kg