MODUL™ Tablet Presses MODUL™ D Tablet Press

Double-output or bi-layer tableting.

The MODUL™ D is the largest tablet press in the range. It features the Dual Control system, an Exchangeable Compression Module (ECM) and all the standard features, with one important addition: double-sided production for super-high volume applications or bi-layer production. The MODUL™ D features a larger turret, containing up to 88 punch stations and making it capable of production levels in excess of 1 million tablets per hour. It is the machine of choice for high volume applications when minimal downtime and environment protection are key.

ECM: Exchangeable Compression Module

  • All parts in contact with the product are encapsulated in the ECM including the tooling. 
  • The ECM is removed in a contained manner, eliminating the need for cleaning of the inside of the press. This results in very high productivity, as the downtime is reduced to an absolute minimum. 
  • At the same time, a very high level of operator protection is achieved.

Bi-layer tableting has been incorporated into the design of the MODUL™ D

  • Zero-gap closed powder feeder to minimize cross-contamination between layers and to minimize powder loss. 
  • Specially designed extraction nozzles and scraper fingers for optimal cleaning of the die table, again to minimize cross-contamination between layers. 
  • Manual or fully automatic first-layer sampling. 
  • Patented weight control system, which is exceptionally sensitive and accurate even at low compression forces. This is particularly important in case of bi-layer production, as low compression forces are applied to guarantee optimal bonding between the two tablet layers.


MODUL™ tablet press
  • Exchangeable Compression Module (ECM) for D,B,BB and other sizes 
  • Unique bi-layer manufacturing option
  • High sensitivity weight control for small tablets and those requiring low compression forces
  • Tablet hardness control
  • Large front and rear door for easy access
  • Latest HMI for complete process control, including peripherals, for lights-out operation.


  • Fast product changeover, improved productivity, cross-contamination prevention and a safe working environment.
  • High throughput of up to 1,069,000 tablets/h.
  • Dual Control reduces wastage and ensures batch consistency.
  • Extended dwell time at pre-compression.
  • Reduced risk of capping and lamination.
  • Complete process control including all peripherals for lights-out production.

Technical Specifications

The MODUL™ D is available for the following types of tooling:

Tooling D35 D B BB BBS
Max. tablet diameter [mm] 35 25,4 16 (L=19) 13 (L=14,3) 11
Punch body diameter [mm] 35 25,4 19 19 19
Outside die diameter [mm] 52 38,1 30,16 24 22
Die height [mm] 30 23,81 22,22 22,22 22,22
Number of stations 39 53 67 81 88
Max. fill depth [mm] 20 (25) 20 19 19 19
Top punch penetration [mm] 1 to 4
Max. pre-compression force [kN] 10 - under extended dwell time
Max. compression force [kN] 100
Max. output capacity [tab/h] 350.000 540.000 722.000 875.000 1.069.000
Electrical requirements 3phase+PE – 380 / 400 / 415 / 460 / 480 V – 50Hz / 60Hz 
(nominal consumption 15 kW; power installed 30 kVA)
Compressed air requirements clean & dry; 7-8 bar ; 500l/m
Dust extraction requirements 150m³/h at 15 mbar (single-layer)
230m3/h at 30 mbar (bi-layer)
Machine dimensions & weight W = 2.000 mm x D = 1.500 mm x H = 2.250 mm – 6.000 kg