GEA Service ‒ Keeping it running GEA SAFEXPERT®

The innovative solution to maintain a high product quality.

With GEA, you benefit from innovation, leadership and precision-engineered solutions. GEA SAFEXPERT® is our antibiofilm program for you to ensure that biofilm is no longer an issue in securing superior product quality.

GEA SAFEXPERT® Curative Treatment

Eliminate biofilm contamination immediately.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Systematic biofilm screening of your equipment
  • Identification of bacteriological species
  • Removal of biofilm from your plant systems
  • Enhanced quality of your products
  • Enhanced food safety
  • Consistent nominal production capacity
  • High return on investment

Our approach – keep plant and process at optimum performance

  • We investigate each line suspected of containing biofilm, according to your assessment
  • Using a special UV lamp for fast detection and next-generation ATP G2 analysis for verification, contaminated lines are identified in just a few hours
  • Affected lines are flushed with a patented enzymatic solution that cuts the biofilm open, followed by removal of the contaminating bacteria with a peracetic acid used as sterilant – with Realco as technical partner
  • After the treatment we inspect your systems for enzymatic residues

GEA SAFEXPERT® Preventive Treatment

Ensuring a biofilm-free process.

A GEA SAFEXPERT® Performance Contract for preventing biofilm growth ensures that you no longer need to worry about biofilm contamination in your plant. Just leave the responsibility to GEA Service, implementing a periodic preventive program tailored to your plant and ensuring a consistently biofilm-free process.

Your benefits – secured by prevention

  • Guaranteed biofilm-free process
  • Monthly check for biofilm
  • Permanently enhanced quality of products
  • Enhanced food safety
  • Consistent nominal production capacity
  • High return on investment

Continuous surveillance for optimum results

The innovative service program GEA SAFEXPERT® keeps your plant and equipment at optimum performance.

  • Periodic preventive treatment of your systems with a patented enzymatic solution stops biofilm growth
  • GEA Service conducts a monthly on-site performance check
  • Detected biofilm in your lines is systematically analyzed
  • The preventive treatment program is reviewed accordingly
  • A status report is generated and forwarded to you

Your priority – our responsibility

  • No product contamination from biofilm
  • Continued superior quality of products without biofilm
  • Less CIP required, ensuring longer production time per line and per day
  • Extended shelf life of your product


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