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1893 Yılından bu yana GEA, yüksek separasyon verimliliğini, klarifikasyon verimliliğini ve işleme kapasitelerini, enerji, su ve bertaraf maliyeti bakımından maksimum tasarrufla birleştirmektedir.

Highly Efficient Solutions for the Separation of Effluents

The cost-effective treatment of effluent streams that result from production or purification processes presents a major challenge to chemicals companies. GEA offers environmentally friendly and highly efficient solutions for the treatment of effluents, for example for breweries, dairies, oil mills, refineries, tanneries, paint shops, wineries, and the steel or paper industries. Our technologies reduce disposal costs, and allow the recovery of valuable chemicals and compounds from waste streams.

High effluent volume with multiple contaminants

Many industrial processes use high volumes of water and generate high volumes of effluent that may be contaminated with potentially harmful or hazardous organic, inorganic, dissolved and undissolved compounds and chemicals. The method and level of treatment of these effluent flows will be dependent upon the type and level of contaminant.


GEA decanters enable reduced disposal costs and higher profits

GEA decanters meet the highest levels of process reliability, hygiene and environmental protection. Employed worldwide, our effluent treatment technologies are highly efficient in terms of separation processing and cost, and use minimal resources. They are used in continuous processing to reliably separate out undesired solids, dewater them to a pourable consistency, and ensure a high content of dry matter in the separated solid. In many cases the clarified concentrate can be returned to the production cycle, and the dewatered solids can be recycled.

In addition to decanters, GEA also supplies complete industrial sludge dewatering plants, with associated peripherals, which enable flexible operation. It is even possible to condense all the essential process stages into a single flexible and mobile system in a lorry, trailer or, container. The automated plants are installed complete with pipework, and are ready for use immediately.

Energy-efficient concentration with GEA evaporation plants

We can also offer highly efficient evaporation technology, which allows industrial waste water to be concentrated reliably into a high-level dry substance. This environmentally sound solution for effluent treatment condenses the evaporated water, so that it can be reused as process water.

GEA evaporation plants are operated entirely with the use of heat from peripheral systems, and so are extremely energy efficient.



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