Bus air conditioning

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The use of modern air conditioning systems in buses is standard nowadays, to provide an optimum, safe and pleasant environment for the bus driver and for the passengers.

GEA vehicle compressors used for bus air conditioning

While outside temperatures in a lot of countries fluctuate between sub-zero temperatures in winter and tropical temperatures in summer, a constant temperature of about 22°C has to be maintained in the interior of  buses.  Thus, an efficient and reliable air conditioning system is needed.

GEA commercial compressors form the heart of several bus air conditioning systems. All major bus manufacturers today use GEA compressors: The vehicle compressors for example provide a pleasant climate in a lot of Evobus, Setra, MAN, Solaris and IVECO buses – both in diesel-driven and electrically-operated buses.

In the field of bus air conditioning, vehicle FK compressors are specialists around the world. They are characterized by their lightweight, compact and highly robust design, a wide speed range and an efficient operating performance. FK compressors are ideally suited for use in diesel-driven buses.  

With one of the broadest programs of semi-hermetic GEA compressors, right solutions are offered for the area of mobile air-conditioning in hybrid and electrical buses. These compressors ensure sustainability and efficiency. Smooth and silent operation, easy maintenance, efficiency and reliability on highest quality standards are the characteristics of the suction gas-cooled HG series. 

The importance of electric powered mobility in public transportation is increasing considerably. With electric drive systems the fuel consumption as well as the emission of buses will be clearly reduced in the next years. Apart from the established and almost forgotten trolley design, hybrid vehicles are used to have at least two transducers and two energy storages build directly into the vehicle to power it. Transducers are for example electric motors, otto- and diesel engines. Energy storages are for example battery or fuel tank.


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