Грануляторы с большими сдвиговыми усилиями

Наши грануляторы с большими сдвиговыми усилиями и квалификация в сфере грануляции основаны на богатом опыте и истории исследований и разработок. Наше оборудование установлено по всему миру. Без преувеличения можно сказать, что были проведены тысячи испытаний. Мы сформировали прочную базу специальных знаний, связанных с потребностями фармацевтической промышленности.

High Shear Granulation

GEA has supplied high shear granulator plants and granulation and drying process expertise to various sectors for more than a century, and to the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries in particular for more than 50 years. This includes small capacity systems designed for R&D as well as industrial size plants for the batch and continuous production of pharmaceutical compounds under cGMP conditions.

Granulation and Drying Process Expertise

Having established a credible pedigree of expert know-how in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, GEA provides optimal solutions for your applications: no other supplier offers such a complete range of granulation and drying equipment.

GEA  is in the unique position of having in-house experience with all the commonly used wet granulation methods. Therefore, at the GPS Technology Centre, you can test your material in a fluid bed spray granulator, top or bottom drive high shear granulator with fluid bed drying, at development, pilot or small scale, depending on your needs. 

Wide Range of Equipment Options

With both low shear planetary mixers and high shear granulators in the range, we can help you to select the technology that is most suitable for your product and process.

Wet Granulation: The high-shear granulation process combines the active powder and excipients with a binder solution using a high-speed mixing blade and chopper. Special features include granulation process control via in-line focus beam reflection measurement.

Melt Granulation: Melt agglomeration is a process by which agglomeration - or size enlargement by which fine particles are bound together to agglomerates or granulates - is obtained through the addition of either a molten binder liquid or a solid binder which melts during the process. Agglomerates are formed by agitation of the mixture. To obtain a stable, dry granule, a cooling to ambient temperature is necessary to solidify the binder.

Process Integration

Current Good Manufacturing Practices increasingly require that product is fully contained during processing to protect operators and environment. Integrated process systems not only offer containment but improved productivity through automation, increased yield and efficient cleaning procedures.

At the GPS Technology Centre, we are uniquely qualified to demonstrate our state-of-the-art integrated high shear mixer granulator and fluid bed drying. Drawing on the world class expertise of GEA companies, you are able to utilize our fully integrated turnkey installations, including fluid bed process equipment combined with top- and bottom-drive high shear mixer-granulators.

Research and Development

GEA offers a selection of multipurpose high shear mixers and granulators that are equally suitable for the high speed dispersion of dry powders, aqueous or solvent granulations, effervescent production and melt pelletization. 


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