Flexible Bag Closers

Continuous Leveler/Sealer/Closer

Our HS-1000 Leveler/Sealer/Closer is designed to complement our fully automated bag filling systems where customers wish to remove the operator from the bag handling process.

The continuous motion Heat Sealer is a precise and reliable bag-closing machine used in food and dairy packing lines. By adding automatic leveling to the standard sealing and closing functions, this enables fully automatic bag filling and closing without the need for operator intervention.

Continuous operation

GEA Avapac Leveller/Sealer/Closer HS-1000 Open

Levelling Section

Our continuous leveling and closing system enables customers to have a fully automated bag filling and closing operation for their plant. The HS-1000 has been developed to provide a reliable and consistent method of closing bags that are filled with powdered products. Constructed of stainless steel and manufactured to comply with the worlds hygiene and safety standards means that the HS-1000 is ideally suited to dairy and food applications. 

Bags that have been pre-stretched prior to the closing process are driven into the HS-1000 via a powered conveyor. As the bag enters the system, it is gripped by a driven belt to ensure complete control of the top of the bag. As the bag is held, it is automatically leveled to ensure uniform sealing and closing of the top of the bag. This is essential to ensuring a reliable seal performance.

The heat sealer has four automatically operated activity stations that process the bags as it runs through to the closing stage.

The four stations are:

  • automatic bag top leveling
  • bag seal cleaning
  • heat sealing and inner liner scoring
  • closing using fold-over system (optional closing using sewing and/or taping system)


The bag is closed as follows:

  • bag top leveling (prepares the bag for the closing process)
  • bag seal cleaner (to ensure a consistent and airtight seal)
  • sealing of polyethylene inner liner
  • compression of seal area
  • scoring of inner liner for easy release of inner pouch
  • crimping/pre-folding
  • glue reactivation
  • final folding
  • final compression

The unit is adjustable for a wide range of bag sizes and types that have an integral polyethylene inner liner, and a provision for dust extraction is included. For applications in which the powder dust from the filling process might adhere to the liner inner surface, the optional feature of a bag mouth cleaning system is provided.

The heat sealer is PLC controlled via a convenient operator interface and can be supplied in standalone or fully integrated versions. For applications in which manual operation is required, the static heat sealer USC300 is available.

GEA Avapac Leveller/Sealer/Closer HS-1000

HS-1000 Leveller/Sealer/Closer

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