Cooling & Quenching

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Rapid cooling or quenching of gas streams is used in a number of essential applications in the process industries.

The Quench cooler is designed and engineered for cooling high temperature exhaust gases from incinerators, melting furnaces, converter, drying furnaces, etc.

Exhaust gas from high temperature sources is cooled down with water to the saturation temperature of the gas.

The Quench Cooler is used as a pre-cooler for scrubbers, wet electrostatic precipitators and more. In the case of physical absorption, the scrubbing liquor lead through the column tube in one single pass. 

The Quench, as well as the spray headers and spray nozzles, are made of heat and corrosion resistant materials, e.g. SiC.

Key features:

  • Brick-lined casing with special bricks at dry-wet zone interface
  • Additional carbon bricks in case of high fluorine content
  • Open cross section design -> no risk of clogging. 
  • Long gas retention time -> separation of fine dust and condensation of impurities (e.g. arsenic, selenium, lead)
  • Standby pump
  • Emergency water system

Working Principle

Working Principle of Quench Cooler

GEA´s Quench Cooler design consists of an open vessel in which liquid is sprayed to enter in contact with the gas. The gas enters the bottom of the cooler through a side nozzle and flows upwards, counter-current to the liquid that has been sprayed from the top of the cooler. 

By the time the gas has reached the top gas outlet, it has been cooled to its adiabatic saturation temperature.

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