GEA Aquarius FlatformWrap

GEA Aquarius FlatformWrap

A perfectly formed flat, fancy and spherical lollipop with an excellent taste and mouth feel are the ingredients to success. These benefits are within reach when forming with a GEA FlatFormWrapper. GEA Aquarius shows the FlatFormer range are the right machines for the job. After forming, the lollipops will be immediately wrapped in a beautiful sandwich wrap style.

Flat, fancy and spherical 3D lollipops

Working principle 

After forming the flat, fancy and spherical 3D lollipops in the format set which has 12 positions on the FlatFormWrap SC and 15 positions on the FlatFormWrap HC the lollipops are taken out the format set via a transfer wheel towards the wrapping area. The pressing system has also been revised. We are introducing an improvement toward the forming inside the format set which results in less friction on the pressing bridge of the format set, which decreases the temperature of the format set to avoid sticking of the sugar.

With the new feature steady positioning of the lollipops, from transfer unit via grippers towards the wrapping area, the lollipops will be smoothly taken through the sealing roles. The latest feature we developed is the pre heating system which will ensure a lower sealing temperature of the film and avoid the sticking of the film. 

  • Compact machine with efficient high output
  • Sandwich wrap style wrapping
  • 15 positions hardened die set
  • Pre heating of the film (patent pending)
  • Enhancement curves on the pressing bridge (patent pending) 


The GEA Aquarius FlatFormWrap forms and wraps from 600 up to 1.000 lollipops per minute depending on the capacity FlatFormwrapper you choose. The die sets on the FormWrap machine can be changed within 20 - 25 minutes. The machine has an automatic reject system. With start up or stops this system automatically rejects the faulty lollipops. Also the automatic rejects system start when the wrapping is out of registration.

  • Smoother sugar in feed towards the die set
  • Fast die change, within 30 minutes
  • Improved durability die set
  • Autolubrication set on die set
  • Automatic reject system 

Output quality 

The lollipops are wrapped into a sandwich wrap style immediately after forming. To avoid deforming or losing any design detail the lollipops will be cooled in our PopCooler F cooler directly after being formed and wrapped. The sandwich wrap style wrapping will give you the opportunity to present your flat, fancy and/or 3D lollipops in a transparent wrapping to give the expressional features and details of your lollipop a further appealing look. Gea Aquarius brings you the possibility to create icing images directly on the sugar surface. Add themes like popular cartoon characters, animal shapes, flowers and even company logos or brands. The possibilities are endless to give your lollipops extra appeal on the shop counter or supermarket shelf.

  • Excellent consistent high quality
  • Sandwichwrapping for further appealing look
  • PopCooler F
  • Icing of lollipops

Multi-forming possibilities such as flat, fancy and 3D lollipop shapes


Multi-forming possibilities such as flat, fancy and 3D lollipop shapes. Forming can be done up to 600 lollipops/minute; depending on wrapping width on the FlatFormWrap SC (standard capacity) and up to 1000 lollipops /minute; depending on wrapping width on the FlatFormWrap HC (high capacity) machine. The time is right to stand out by icing of your flat lollipops! An icing unit with additional cooling has been developed for the FlatFormWrap SC machine to enable to give extra appeal to your lollipops through icing of the lollipop.

  • Multi forming possibilities
  • FlatformWrap SC Icing machine 


Our company stands for high quality and reliable machinery. We can demonstrate you the excellent performance of our machinery in our new Technology Center in Weert. You are invited to our Technology Center to: - Demonstrate with original product and film - Confirm capacity - Test your different films - Perform seal tests - Configure best label solutions - Train and instruct your operators/ maintenance team. Furthermore we ensure reliability via our customer support department. Dedicated GEA Aquarius teams work in research and development, production and installation, together with product support and after sales service. All ensuring you stay one step ahead of the competition. GEA Aquarius provides extended warranties and global customer support with a 24/7 help desk.

Our objective is to ensure your machinery is available when you need it.

  • Technology center
  • Customer support department
  • 24/7 help desk 


After every 8 to 10 hours production the machine needs to be cleaned according to a cleaning schedule which is included in our manual of the machine. All GEA Aquarius lollipop machinery have a CE marking. GEA Food Solutions declares that the GEA Aquarius lollipop machinery are conform the essential requirements of hygiene constructions as stated in the CE marking. 

  • Easy to clean
  • Optimized hygienic design
  • Low sugar scrap rate 


All GEA Aquarius lollipop machinery have a CE marking. GEA Food Solutions declares that the GEA Aquarius Lollipop machinery are conform with the essential requirements of the applicable CE directives.

  • CE Marking 


The machines are standard supplied with a PLC and touch screen. In combination with user friendly GEA controls, this will generate increased efficiency. The optional automatic monitoring of production can also ensure labor savings and a number of other cost savings.

  • A PLC
  • Touch screen
  • User friendly GEA controls
  • Back up power supply (optional)
  • Remote service control (optional)
GEA Aquarius FormWrap

GEA Aquarius FormWrap

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