GEA Decanter – indispensable for plant-based beverage production

Think plant-based: A decanter centrifuge is the indispensable tool for beverage producers to extract liquid product from mashed and watered cereal grains, ensuring high yield, optimum hygienic purity and premium taste. The slurry is fed into the GEA CF Decanter Centrifuge for the central step: to separate the undesired fibers and keep the desired starch and β-glucans in the product. This decanter has been designed for the food and beverage industry. The machine is completely CIP-able in special hygienic design.


The clarified liquid is discharged under pressure by a centripetal pump. The solids are discharged by gravity via a funnel. The product connections are designed according to DIN 118564. The machine is driven by a frequency-controlled 3-phase AC motor via V-belts. GEA summationdrive with intelligent kinematics for high differential speeds and torques which enables processing of high solid capacities. Full torque up to the maximum differential speed; this allows processing high solid capacities. High efficiency of the drive since the variable speed motor feeds in energy and does not brake. Automatic adaptation of the differential speed by means of frequency-controlled motor. All product-contacting parts are made of stainless steel. FDA-approved materials are available for the seals.

Features & Advantages:

  • Maximum yield from a highly efficient extraction process
  • Multi-purpose flexibility
  • Perfect for continuous processing and high solid contents
  • Full safety and purity for sensitive product
  • Optimized CIP program
  • Available in a plug & play skid design
GEA decanter centrifuge for plant based beverages

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