Cup Denesters Equipment for Bakery
GEA has developed a broad family of accurate and reliable denester systems that automatically pick and place containers for cupcakes, pies and layer cakes. Our range of denesters can handle paper, foil or plastic cups, containers and lids, and can be tailored to meet any product and process line requirement.

Versatile automation for paper, foil and plastic cases, cups and lids

The flagship DSM denester is our most versatile model, and can be mounted either over a conveyor or sited laterally to a production line. The system features interchangeable feeders, and can pick and place a wide range of different sized aluminium foils, paper cups and plastic blisters, including containers with lids. 

The highly configurable NC model is designed for placing small- and medium-sized paper cup into indented trays, and features a motorized denesting arm, optional horizontal tracking and the GEA patented airblow system.   

The DSG model denester has been developed to handle oversized paper cups of different shapes, and comprises two independent suction cup units, which can change the pitch from feeder to trays. 

Designed to pick and place standard and special types of paper cups, including tulip-shaped or mini panettone cups, the NCR model is the fastest of the GEA denesters. The system features a rotating head that picks the cups from the feeders and then immediately transfers them to the tray indents.

Model DSM

Universal denester for foils, cups and blisters
Universal denester for foils, cups and blisters
As the most versatile machine of its kind, GEA’s flagship DSM denester can deposit many types and sizes of aluminium foils, paper cups and plastic blisters, as well as lids and containers. The flexibility of the DSM technology also means that the unit can be deployed at a number of different production stages.
Universal denester for foils, cups and blisters

Designed to be reliable, flexible and fit in seamlessly with the requirements of different processing lines, the DSM denester model from GEA has been constructed on a frame that allows the unit to be either mounted over a conveyor, or sited laterally to the production line.

The machine’s depositing head is equipped with a series of interchangeable feeders, and with a tilting arm that is fitted with suction cups. The DSM technology can be configured to retrieve a wide variety of containers from the feeders and accurately place them in their trays or on the conveyors. These include different types and sizes of aluminium foils that are commonly used for pies, as well as self-supporting paper cups for cakes that will be deposited directly onto a tunnel oven band, and plastic blisters with covers, which are used for birthday cakes. For higher production capacity the DSM denester can deposit two rows of paper cups and foils per cycle.

DSM denester detail

Model NC

Denester for standard paper cups
Denesters for paper cups, aluminium foils and plastic containers
The NC model denester from GEA represents the most versatile machine for placing paper cups into indented trays. Featuring patented technology for cup denesting, the NC model can efficiently handle small- and medium-sized paper cups, and deposit two rows per cycle.

Designed with a frame that can be mounted over an existing conveyor, the NC model denester can pick and place different shapes and sizes of paper cups for cupcakes.

The depositing head consists of a series of stacking feeders and a motorized denesting arm that deposits the paper cups into indented trays. The machine can accurately place either one or two rows of cups per cycle, to increase capacity. The NC denester can also be supplied with optional horizontal tracking functionality, which allows paper cups to be placed on trays moving continuously over an oven band.

What makes the NC machine so efficient and reliable is the patented air blow system that separates the cups inside the feeders before they are removed and placed on the trays. The interchangeable feeders can be designed to match different sizes and shapes of paper cups, including round and rectangular.

Model NCR

Denester for special paper cups
Denester for special paper cups
The NCR denester from GEA has been designed to handle and deposit standard and also special paper cups, including tulip or mini panettone types. Featuring brushless motorization the machine is the fastest of the denesters in the GEA portfolio and is ideally suited for use in the highest capacity bakeries.
Denester for special paper cups

The NCR machine’s innovative design features a rotating, double-effect head that takes the cups from the feeders and then immediately places them directly into the indents of the trays.This dual functionality, combined with the unit’s brushless motors for increased speed, significantly cuts the working cycle time.

Capable of placing two rows of cups per cycle, the versatile NCR can be configured with horizontal tracking for cup deposition as it follows the trays. The head can also change pitch after denesting and before placement. For trays with very narrow pitches this means that the same head can denest the cups, change pitch and transfer the cups into the trays, all in one fluid movement. The brushless drives ensure that the NCR machine offers the highest levels of precision, performance and reliability.

Model DSG

Oversized paper cup denester
Oversized paper cup denester
DSG model denester from GEA is specially designed to handle oversized paper cups. Capable of depositing large, round and rectangular cups, the equipment is ideally suited to production lines for family-sized cakes.
Oversized paper cup denester

Designed to to meet the needs of cake production lines that work with larger paper cups, the DSG machine consists of two independent suction cup units for picking and placing. [AF1] The first removes the rows of cups from the feeders and passes them to the second unit, which transfer the cups into the trays. This innovative system allows the feeders to be placed at a greater pitch relative to the distance between the cups in the baking trays, as the motorized arm of the second suction cup unit can change pitch when it takes the cups from the first unit for transfer into the narrower trays. This arrangement makes it easier to hand load the cups into the feeders, which can be kept more widely spaced.

The DSG demonstrates GEA’s commitment to developing machines that can manage specialized applications and operations, and handle unusual and non-standard product types.

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