GEA Smartcontrol for Bakery

GEA Smartcontrol for Bakery

GEA Smartcontrol for Bakery is a revolutionary user-centric interface with the purpose of identifying and monitoring a line performance and overall status through diagnostic features that allow users to have a full view and control over their operations.

Unparalleled Control and Precision: Elevate Your Bakery Craftsmanship with GEA Smartcontrol for Bakery Intuitive Innovation

GEA Smartcontrol for Bakery empowers you to unlock the full potential of your bakery operations. With its advanced diagnostic capabilities, the GEA Smartcontrol for Bakery provides you with comprehensive insights into your line's performance and status and empowers you to take command of your production operations.The system aims to boost the productivity of the line as it decreases learning and problem-solving time, cut out the time required for carrying out various tasks and diminishes error rates effectively.Discover unrivalled precision and optimization as you effortlessly navigate through your bakery processes. GEA Smartcontrol for Bakery serves as your portal to a seamlessly integrated production environment driven by user experience. Embrace a new era of bakery management with GEA Smartcontrol for Bakery.


Enhanced User-Centric Interface Focused on Support & Problem-Solving

  • Easy access to all necessary data including user manuals, operating instructions, maintenance schedule.
  • Allows users to track trends and identify recurring issues that occur within their equipment.
  • An intuitive and easy-to-read format of real-time data for each machine on the line, such as machine status, operating parameters, and production statistics

Empowering Efficiency and Quality with Performance Trend Visualization

  • Gain comprehensive insights into the production line performance.
  • Acquire in-depth data into production trends and identify causes for plant downtime.

Seamless Performance and Control Over a Production Line

  • Display of real-time alarm and recurring issues that enables users to identify patterns and optimize processes, minimizing downtime and improving overall equipment performance.
  • Monitor the production process from start to finish with a full view of the line.

A cohesive Recipe Handling Experience

  • Easily create and manage recipes for baked goods.

Key features

Key features
Alarm root-cause analysis and statistics

This feature allows users to stay notified and keep track of any potential issues or malfunctions that occur within their equipment and therefore quickly respond to any problems, minimize downtime, and improve overall equipment performance. The HMI displays real-time alarms and notifications, providing immediate visibility into any problems. In addition, the ability to store a historical record of all alarms allows users to track trends and identify recurring issues. 

Performance trend visualization

This feature provides users with a descriptive view of their machinery performance, including efficiency, quality, and overall production capabilities. The analysis of these trends offers users areas for improvements, such as bottlenecks in the production process or sources of waste, which in turn can optimize production processes and improve overall performance.

Machine line monitoring view

This view displays real-time data for each machine on the line (also from third-party producers), including machine status, operating parameters, and production statistics. The information is presented in an intuitive and easy-to-read format, allowing users to quickly assess the performance of their equipment. This feature helps to improve production efficiency by providing real-time visibility into machine performance, enabling users to quickly identify and resolve any issues.

Recipe creation and management

The recipe creation and management feature enhance production efficiency by allowing users to quickly recall and apply their favorite recipes, reducing setup time and increasing production speed.

It provides a convenient way for users to create and manage recipes for their baked goods, and it allows users to easily specify ingredients, quantities etc., as well as save, upload and recall recipes for later use.

Machine on board documentation

The machine on board documentation feature provides users with a convenient way to access all necessary information regarding their equipment and operations. This includes user manuals, operating instructions, maintenance schedules, and more. The information is stored directly on the HMI, making it easily accessible from the production line. This feature helps to ensure that all personnel are working with the most up to date information and eliminates the need for manual searches or paper documents. It streamlines processes, increases efficiency and reduces the risk of human error.

Smart control interface

Смежные продукты

Газовая печь для выпекания

Газовые печи

Компания GEA может разрабатывать печи в соответствии с любыми требованиями и предлагает полный ассортимент печей, включая печи с прямым сжиганием газа (DGF), радиационные циклотермические печи (IC), печи с непрямой конвекцией (CVI) и гибридные печи (HYB).

Излучательная электрическая печь

Электрическая печь GEA

Традиционный процесс выпекания был усовершенствован благодаря новым системам электрического нагрева.

bake depositor mo

Объемные поршневые тестоотсадочные машины

Лидеры в отрасли, многопоршневые объемные дозаторы GEA для отсадки теста обеспечивают точную отсадку и бережное обращение со всеми типами теста, смесей, теста для тортов и наполнителей для пирогов.

lob depositors and extruders

Кулачковые отсадочные машины и экструдеры

Высокопроизводительные отсадочные машины с системой индивидуальных кулачковых насосов (Individual Lobe Pump System, ILPS) от GEA предлагают широкие возможности для производства простого печенья, печенья с начинкой или с украшениями, бисквитов и батончиков.

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Lemgo plant building

Прошлое и будущее слились воедино в новаторском проекте централизованного теплоснабжения...

Theo van der Zwaag from the Netherlands stands in front of a GEA automated feeding robot.

Автоматизация приносит пользу коровам, людям и планете

CIAL Chile Employees stand in front of a line of defrosters from GEA.

Решение GEA для размораживания пользуется успехом на предприятии CIAL в Чили

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