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The most common application of multi steam ejectors is in the distillation column of an oil refinery.


A larger fraction of crude oil after the atmospheric distillation is driven into the vacuum distillation unit which is one of the most productive and critical equipment in the refinery. The vacuum in the distillation column is kept by a multi stage steam ejector unit which includes:

  • booster ejector ( first ejector connected to the distillation tower)
  • main condensers and deaeration unit, also with steam ejector in some cases
  • liquid ring vacuum pump.

Jet vacuum pumps are often used in combination with liquid ring pumps to create vacuum in crude oil distillation columns.

The combination of the two pump types together with simple but appropriate control systems facilitate a low consumption of cooling water, power and motive medium.

Condensers are arranged between the jet vacuum pumps. As far as possible, the drawn-off vapors and the motive medium are condensed thus reducing the flow which the liquid ring pump has to handle.

GEA jet vacuum pumps are perfectly suited to this application. They convey large quantities of gas, operate smoothly and need very little maintenance. A wide choice of materials means that corrosion can be reduced or eliminated.

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