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Ventilo Container Dryers

Ventilo is a highly efficient drying system for removing water droplets from the cap, neck and body of containers. It’s a compact system that can easily be added as a retrofit to most packaging lines.

Ventilo is a range of drying systems for bottles and jars that are made of either glass or plastic material (PET/HDPE), and cans. It removes drops of water from the body, neck and cap of the container. This is ideal for all those applications that need extremely accurate drying, such as those requiring the application of a clear plastic label or sleeve label.

The machine is compact so can be easily incorporated within an existing line. All air knives are adjustable using hand wheels with position indicators that allow quick, precise and easily repeatable size change-overs.

The system can be composed of one or more modules depending on the production needs. Every module can dry the cap, the area below the cap, the area around the neck of the bottle, and the body of the bottle. The adjustable system allows the air knives to work at about 1 mm from the bottle to achieve a high level of dryness.

The lower section of the structure has a drip tray with a central hole to collect all the water drops blown away from the containers and to prevent water dripping on the floor. The internal upper part of the structure is inclined to prevent drops from falling back on the containers.

The machine is powered directly by the line electrical cabinet or can be equipped with an independent electrical cabinet on request.

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