Palletizers & Depalletizers Palletizer Opera

Low level infeed palletizer Opera with steady pallet loading system is suitable for low/medium production capacity.

The OPERA palletizer feeds the packs at a low level and provides a steady pallet loading system. Depending on the production speed it’s possible to configure single, double or triple infeeds, with row preparation on positive belts. Machines can also be supplied with pack dividers or manipulators for unstable packages or simply to speed up production.

The core of the machine structure has two columns made of 5mm painted carbon steel sheet. Motor power to lift the layer loading/unloading head is provided by an inverter and encoder control. The lift/lowering motion of the head is achieved through 1¼” chains and steel wheels sliding on guides made of high resistance steel.

OPERA can be equipped with a single or double-layer pushing system at 90° to the infeed. The Layer discharge head with roller platform opens in the middle, making it suitable for any palletizing pattern and type of package. The independent and motorized side-compacting guides allow an automatic change-over of the palletizing patterns and pallet dimensions. The design allows easy access to any part of the machine for easy maintenance and configuration.

Production capacity: up to 4 layers/min.