GEA has developed a comprehensive range of technologies, equipment and know-how to configure and install solutions for pet food manufacturing plants.

Pet food ingredients

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GEA technology plays a vital role in the preparation of high-quality ingredients for pet food. Microfiltration and ultrafiltration are used for the purification, fractionation and concentration of essential pet food components and flavorings from meat and plant extracts. Nanofiltration, which uses membranes that are less porous than ultrafiltration, is sometimes incorporated to achieve better separation and concentration of key ingredients. The integration of reverse osmosis and evaporation provides an energy efficient, optimal dewatering step to prepare purified ingredients for economical spray drying. Reverse osmosis can also be used to treat byproducts such as ultrafiltration or nanofiltration permeate products or the evaporator condensate and generated water that can be reused in the process or used for cleaning.

Manufacturers need to create ingredients of high quality with specific flavor characteristics. To meet these requirements our spray dryers and FILTERMAT® dryers are designed to operate at low temperatures, with a wide range of products, even those containing high concentrations of oils and hydrolyzed proteins. GEA equipment is designed to prevent product deterioration during processing and to allow it to maintain its organoleptic properties. In addition, GEA spray dryers can produce powders that are optimized for extruded or pelletized products. All GEA process units for pet food ingredients are designed following high food standards.

“Start to finish solutions for pet food from GEA”

Meat preparation technology for wet, dry and raw pet food

Meat preparation technology for wet, dry and raw pet food

Whether you need an automated meat preparation line, or a single machine that offers flexibility and versatility in batch production, GEA has the technology to help you. We have dedicated equipment for pre-crushing, grinding, mixing, batching, emulsifying, pumping and handling. And equipment that combines cutting, mixing and emulsifying in one. This is complemented by automation and packaging solutions in line with the latest retail trends. 

Dry pet food extrusion

Dry pet food extrusion

The deep knowledge of technologies and processes learned from the world of food combined with the trend of humanization that is spreading in the world of pet food has led our technicians to the development of cooker extruders able to produce products with the highest levels of digestibility and nutrition. Our cooker-extruders combine the delicacy of cooking in a vaporization tank with the power and sanitization of the heat treatment of the extrusion, allowing us to obtain products that meet the most stringent quality requirement. 

We design and manufacture tailor-made extrusion lines for the production of any kind of dry pet food such as kibbles, pillows and various kind of treats. Our flexibility and knowledge of technology allows us to offer machines with high production capacity, solid and durable and able to adapt to any new product development or market need.

Freezing solutions for pet food

Before freeze drying the raw meat, cooked meat or kibbles need to be frozen. This is done by using Individual Quick Freezing (IQF) technology developed by GEA. Our full line of IQF tunnel freezers are designed to provide your bulk product with superior frozen quality. They are characterized by hygienic design, high yield and minimum energy consumption. The full and gentle fluidization during the freezing process ensures safe product handling and preservation of the product shape, colour and texture. IQF tunnel freezers can be configured to match the specific pet food application and customer requirements so that they are perfectly integrated into the processing line for pet food production.

Freeze drying solutions for pet food

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Freeze drying is a form of dehydration in which pet food has its intrinsic moisture removed through sublimation. This preserves the overall structure and size of the final product, including its vitamins, proteins, flavors and colors.

GEA scope of supply includes processing solutions for a variety of pet food products including freeze dried raw meat, cooked meat, kibbles, snacks and treats. The freeze-drying technology for raw pet foods allows them to keep their original properties, texture and uncooked appearance. 

GEA’s RAY™ technology a highly efficient and economical batch freeze drying process. It has negligible power loss (less than 0.1%), low energy consumption, uniform drying, high sublimation capacities and a modular design. Small RAY™ cabinets can be de-iced in just 10 minutes whereas larger units benefit from the GEA’s Continuous De-Icing System (CDI) to further reduce downtime.

Pet food packaging solutions


Packaging plays a critical role in the distribution, preservation and presentation of pet food. Differentiating your product on the shelf can be as important as the product’s taste itself. GEA offers thermoforming equipment and vertical form fill and seal equipment that helps you meet today’s operational challenges such as variety, process flexibility, uptime, reducing the cost per kilogram and per pack, food safety and the environment.

Start to finish pet food solutions

Whether you need a single machine to boost existing line performance or a complete solution for a new factory, GEA is the right partner for you.