Control and Feedback Systems

Control top T.VIS® E-20

The T.VIS® E-20 is the perfect control top to be used in explosive gas and dust atmospheres.

The T.VIS® E-20 is specially designed to meet the requirements of the liquid processing industry as well as dust explosion protection. In addition, all components of this control top are standardized to the utmost degree. This ensures the simplest and most time-saving handling with high reliability and safety. The technology of the T.VIS® E-20 is based on two separate, magnet-based sensors combined in one sensor module. They are used to detect the valve position and provide the corresponding feedback signals for automated plant operation. The sensor module also provides the optional connection for the pilot solenoid valves to control the valve actuators.


  • Proven housing technology and standardization of component use
  • Highest protection class as standard
  • High vibration and shock resistance
  • Easy commissioning
  • 2-color 360° status identification
  • Certifications for worldwide use


The T.VIS® E-20 has 2 position sensors integrated in a compact module as standard. The LEDs, which are also integrated, enable status identification by means of the illuminated dome incorporated in the control top cap. The required cabling by the customer to the necessary operating equipment and therefore ensuring the intrinsically safe operation of the control top is achieved by direct wiring to internal spring-loaded terminals, both for the feedback signals and for the valve activations. The supply air connection is equipped with a replaceable filter to protect the built-in solenoid valves.

Position detection

Two manually adjustable sensors for detection of the valve positions for start/safety and end position.


The sensors are mounted on guide blocks and can be individually adjusted over the entire stroke of the valve via two threaded spindles integrated in the sensor module.


LED display

  • green: valve in non-actuated position
  • yellow: valve in end position

Field of application

Approved for use in the following applications:

Type of conformityATEX/UKEX/IECEx/CCCEx
Gas(II 2G) Ex ia IIC T4…T5 Gb
Ambient temperature-10 °C ≤ Ta ≤ +42 °C
Dust(II 2D) Ex tb IIIC T85 °C Db
Ambient temperature-10 °C ≤ Ta ≤ +38 °C

All certifications are based on use in gas and dust atmospheres, covering the requirements for equipment category 2 (EPL b).

Technical data

Technical data of the standard version
Position detectionMagnetoresistive proximity switches
Housing materialPA 12/L
Air supplyPressure range2 to 8 bar
Standardacc. to ISO 8573-1:2010
Solid contentQuality class 6
Water contentQuality class 4
Oil contentQuality class 3
Dimensions of air connectionsMetric 6/4 mm, inch 6.35/4.31 mm (¼")
Protection classIP 69
Sound pressure level
via exhaust air throttle
Max. 72 dB
VisualizationLED (green, yellow)
CertificatesATEX, IECEx, UKEx, CCCEx
Valve and plant automation - Q&A

Valve and plant automation

The degree of automation in production systems in the food, dairy, pharma and beverage industries is ever on the rise. In the course of the fast digital development towards Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things, digital control tops are becoming indispensable components of future process plants.

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