Packaged Reciprocating Compressor Systems GEA Grasso V HP package

Efficiency at higher degrees

High pressure ammonia reciprocating compressor packages for heat pump applications.

The GEA Grasso V series stands for reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) thanks to less power consumption and maximum reliability. This proven high-efficiency concept is now also available for heat pump applications.

The GEA Grasso V HP series introduces ammonia reciprocating compressors with a maximum design pressure of 39 bar.  This makes these new models the first choice for all hot water applications up to 70 °C to meet most industrial requirements in the food industry and elsewhere, especially for cleaning and processing.

An external oil pump on the new models ensures pre-lubrication and a guaranteed continuous oil flow for maximum reliability in full and part load.

The state-of-the-art GEA Omni™ Control Panel with built-in control apps unlocks the sophisticated operating options of the compressor.

A further step towards Industry 4.0. is the unique Continuous Status Analysis (CSA) function for measuring operating conditions and alerting the operator in case of deviation from normal values.

In short, the new V HP is true to its roots in the V series philosophy, which has efficiency in its DNA.

Highlights & Technical Features

  • Safety: Internal double back-pressure-independent overflow valves
  • Efficiency: Highest COP (coefficient of performance) due to maximum-efficiency V series design
  • Environment-friendly: Zero GWP due to exclusive use of NH₃ refrigerant
  • Reliability: Heavy-duty power drive train
  • Reliability: Pre-lubrication with external flanged oil pump
  • Reliability: State-of-the-art GEA Omni™ Control Panel
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GEA Grasso V HP
Model Total swept volume at full
load, 1,500 rpm (m3/h)
Heating capacity (kw)
R717 | 25/70 °C
Total numbers of
Cylinder bore
Piston stroke
GEA Grasso V 300HP 290 569 4 110 85
GEA Grasso V 450HP 435 893 6 110 85
GEA Grasso V 600HP 580 1,190 8 110 85

An award winning solution: GEA Grasso V HP for the largest poultry meat producer in Nothern Ireland

Prestigious RAC Cooling Industry Award for GEA
Kenneth Hoffmann, PTC Refrigeration Process (center), accepted the RAC Cooling Industry Award for GEA. (Photo: RAC Cooling Industry)

The British Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Magazine (RAC) has awarded GEA with the RAC Cooling Industry Awards in the category "Building Energy Project". The globally renowned award honors companies that are particularly committed to environmentally friendly and innovative solutions in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry.
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