Automation Equipment

Extend your thermoforming packaging system simply with automation equipment. GEA provides innovative solutions for quality control, single and lane converging or Human-Machine-Interfaces (HMI). Also combine metal detection, weight checking and automatic rejection to save resources, food products and packaging materials.

Check the residual oxygen content of MAP packs with GEA OxyCheck and the tightness of these packages with GEA LeakCheck before further processing. Sort good from defective and empty packages, or transport packages automatically in converged lines from the thermoforming packaging machine. 

GEA CombiPick provides you with a flexible system for package rejection and multi-lane converging. GEA EasyGuide, PowerGuide and PowerGuide Speed offer a versatile transport solution for the out-feed of form-fill-seal systems such as GEA PowerPak and PowerPak PLUS. 

GEA EasyCheck is an inline check weighing and metal detection system, attached to the lane converger of a thermoforming packaging machine. In addition, you can manage all production processes with an HMI system such as GEA SmartControl.


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