Boil-off gas

Optimized boil-off gas (BOG) solutions

Product storage tanks provide a regulated environment in which chemicals are carefully maintained to reduce hazards and potential degradation. Consistent and reliable control of storage temperatures requires solutions which deliver monitoring accuracy and the optimal choice of insulation and coolant. GEA’s expertise in cooling technologies is integrated with its ability to identify BOG solutions with minimal maintenance cost, maximum energy saving and easy installation, based on customer requirements.

This custom-engineered compressor package is designed for a hydrocarbon boil-off-gas application and features a GEA model 1210GL, API-619 screw compressor, operating at 1,800HP.

The Boil-off Process

Refrigerants based on ammonia or hydrocarbons – as well as liquid propane, propylene, and ethylene – are stored in special vessels at low temperatures. Ambient warmth raises this temperature. The resulting vapors must be vented to avoid pressure build up. They are changed to liquid form and returned to the storage vessel.


GEA’s BOG solutions are customized for each application and utilize GEA’s proven oil-injected screw compression technology to meet customer requirements and specifications, including limiting oil carryover to <1ppm (parts per million).


  • BOG compression and refrigeration in fertilizer plants employs screw compressor packages and condensing systems for ammonia boil-off systems.
  • BOG compression and refrigeration in hydrocarbon storage facilities is enabled by GEA’s line of API-619 compliant compressors, which are also uniquely suited for tank loading & unloading facilities.
  • BOG condensing units in LNG plants.


GEA’s boil-off-gas solutions are designed for maximum energy efficiency to reduce energy use and, in turn, operating costs.

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