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The GEA values are the principles and beliefs which guide the way we work together within GEA and with our external stakeholders.

GEA values

A compass to steer by

At GEA, our company values begin with our own people. We hold ourselves to a high standard in how we treat one another, our customers and partners and our world.

Collectively, the GEA values serve as a compass to guide our day-to-day activities and interactions.  

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GEA takes its responsibility as an internationally active company seriously. Locally and globally, we strive to be a good employer, neighbor and steward in all our activities and partnerships.

"Responsibility means ensuring our employees feel good about working for GEA and includes how we support the communities we operate in. When it comes to caring for the planet, GEA is committed to making a difference. We are involving everyone, including our suppliers, to achieve our target of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040."

Stefan Klebert

CEO, GEA Group

Sustainability in Oelde


Sustainability at GEA

Measurable ESG targets are part of our Mission 26 strategy and ensure we meet our responsibilities as a global company.


Our stakeholder relationships depend on the honesty and trustworthiness of our people. Strong corporate governance and unwavering commitment to our customers, along with maximum transparency, are key to upholding the high standards we set for ourselves.

"Integrity relies on our ability to build and maintain trust with our shareholders, customers, suppliers and colleagues. These relationships are positively impacted because our employees embrace the GEA values."

Kai Becker

Division CEO, Heating & Refrigeration Technologies, GEA Group

About GEA


About us

GEA customers benefit from our global reach, extensive local presence, and from the depth and breadth of our processing knowledge and portfolio. Above all, this is underpinned by a strong sense of purpose and responsibility.


Our people greatly appreciate and benefit from working in diverse teams. This is often cited as a reason people want to join GEA in the first place. Promoting increased diversity and inclusion is so important that we made it a key component of our ESG goals and strategy. 

"Diversity requires embracing differences – in culture, language, skills, abilities and more. Different opinions and ideas make GEA a better place to work and drive performance and the kind of continuous improvement that leads to excellence."

Azam Owaisi

Regional CEO North America, GEA Group

Diversity at GEA


Diversity & inclusion at GEA

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion begins with the GEA values. They underpin all our decisions and business activities.


When it comes to hiring new people at GEA, passion is a quality we insist on. We are proud of the energy and drive our employees bring to their jobs every day. Our customers rely on this can-do attitude and entrust our teams with some of their most difficult challenges.

"Passion is a love for what you do. It means coming to work with a smile and a willingness to overcome challenges – go the extra mile. When we are passionate, we create the right environment for doing great work."

Béatrice Bruey

Regional CEO APAC, GEA Group

Meet GEA people


GEA employees – simply the best

We ask our people to embrace all the GEA values in their work, beginning with passion. Time for family, hobbies and community engagement provide further inspiration on and off the job. 


GEA is known for delivering high-quality solutions and services. This requires outstanding engineering, workmanship, knowledge and dedication from our teams to ensure customers meet their goals and commitments. 

"As a market leader we achieve best-in-class by supporting customers when, where and how they need us. This requires us to live our values, striving for excellence in everything we do. In this way we remain the partner of choice for our customers while delivering value for GEA."

Ilija Aprcovic

Division CEO Liquid & Powder Technologies, GEA Group

Sustainable solutions


Enabling customers

As a global processing solutions provider across many industries, GEA plays an important role in helping customers produce efficiently and more sustainably. Through service excellence our customers achieve excellent performance.

GEA values: a strong foundation for the future

Wherever you meet GEA in the world, you can count on experiencing our company values as well – through our people, solutions and services. Our values are fundamental to who we are and provide the perfect foundation for our purpose: Engineering for a better world.

A bowl of pasta with cultivated meat

GEA brings alternative protein expertise to U.S.

A new GEA technology center for developing alternatives to meat, dairy, seafood and eggs in Wisconsin, will help accelerate novel food production in the U.S. market

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Pracownicy GEA – oddzielanie

Oddzielanie od reszty

Historia wirówki GEA rozpoczęła się w 1893 roku, gdy Franz Ramesohl i Franz Schmidt zaczęli produkować opatentowane mechaniczne separatory do mleka, torując drogę nowoczesnym metodom przetwórstwa mleka. Innowacja ta pomogła poradzić...

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