ConsiGma® Granulation and Drying (GD) Modules

Based on proven continuous twin-screw granulation technology, the ConsiGma® GD modules enable the production of higher quality granules under better control, even in a bin-2-bin set-up.

ConsiGma Granulation drying modules
ConsiGma® GD modules offer standalone continuous twin-screw granulation and drying operations that bring the benefit of high granule quality to a standard bin-2-bin set-up.

Available in 3 standard sizes, depending on the desired throughput (from 5 to 120 kg/h, to be verified by testing), the systems can be customized with a number of options to suit customer needs. 

Ideal for pharmaceutical companies who wish to benefit from higher levels of process control and better-quality product but prefer to maintain their current mode of operation.

The Conductor 4.0 software ensures seamless control of the entire process, full reporting and tracking of OOS. Material genealogy can be integrated into the controls. Handshaking with up- or downstream equipment can also be offered. 

Standard Configuration

  • 1 loss-in-weight feeder (to be loaded with pre-mix from an IBC) 
  • Twin screw granulator 
  • Segmented fluid bed dryer 
  • Granule conditioning unit 

Available Options

  • Choice of feeder (GEA or qualified third-party feeder) 
  • Pressure Shock Resistant (PSR) design
  • Suitable for Solvents processing
  • Lighthouse Probe® for LOD measurement  
  • Second HMI  
  • Material genealogy  
  • Material handling system including containment features 

Main Benefits

  • Controlled granulation  
  • Small amount of at-risk API  
  • Replace only a single step in the process with minimal impact as per SUPAC guidelines; plant scheduling and testing remain the same as with current process 
  • More equal granulation binder distribution  
  • High flexibility from very low to very high API content  
  • Porosity control of the granules  
  • Control of granule particle size distribution  
  • Use of solvent-free binders  
  • Compatible with variable throughput capacities 

Read more about how GEA and its partners are implementing this technology to lead the way toward smaller, more flexible, continuous processing technologies that are transforming the future of pharmaceutical development and manufacturing.

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